SNL: Amazon Echo for old farts

Love this!:

It’s what?

Not available in Canada. :frowning: Maybe in Russia?

I don’t know 'bout that.

It’s what now? Alandale!

Haha pretty funny.

I found this link that might work for people from different countries.

Kate McKinnon is gorgeous, even at 90+ years old.



“Send a check or money order to Amazon” Subtle.

Satchel Paige died in 1982.

I don’t know about that.

SNL loves to make fun of old farts with bad hearing. I’m not as ancient as the people in this mock ad are supposed to be, but my hearing is poor enough to make me pretty uncomfortable watching it. Too close to home!

My whole family found this sketch to be hilarious when it first came out, and even more so when I got my Dad an Echo a little while later. They laugh and say “It’s true!”

[sigh] It’s in your right hand.

We played this for our family, and they all said “That’s Nana!” Don’t you think my sharp old mom could master the phrase “Hey, Google”?

Nope. She only uses it for music, but she’s always trying to use commands like “Don’t you think this is a little too loud, Google?” or “Y’know, Google, I’m not happy with this song at all.”

She denies it, but I’m pretty sure she thinks “Hey, Google, next song.” isn’t polite enough.
Now when she does that, we say “Alicia, what them neighbor kids doin’? You say they jes’ playin’?”

Even though I’m not of the targeted age yet, there have been mornings where the alarm went off and I couldn’t remember what the hell its name was nor how to make it stop. (“Alyssa Sleep” does not make the beeping go away.)

Uh huh.

Playing, uh, jazz.


(Why does the woman with the phone in her hand look like “Sadness” from Pixar’s, “Inside Out”?)

That was hilarious.