SNL anniversary show

What happened to Conan O’Brien? He was billed but I didn’t see him - or did I just miss something?

Rich Hall - how was the party?

I thought they should have spent less time star-gazing (look! It’s so-and-so in the audience!) and more time showing clips. Also, why did they subject us to four minutes of Annie Lenox when they had soooo much material to work with in 25 years…

I loved the scenen with Alec Baldwin as the swede balls guy.I wish they’d shown more Smigel cartoons.The guy is great! Also,I expected them to come out and say there will be no clips from the 80-81 season(correct me if I’m wrong) because it Really sucked. :slight_smile:

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Overall it was an ok show. I thought the tribute film clips to Phil Hartman, Belushi and Chris Farley were the lamest clips they could have ever shown and did not even capitalize on their comic genius. I still miss Phil Hartman.

I agree with the Annie Lennox comment as well as the Beastie Boys. Typical SNL, fill in with music when you haven’t anything else to put in its place. All in all, I’ve always felt the musical part of the SNL blew big chunks.

Was it just me or was SNL snubbing Joe Piscopo by showing only one or maybe two clips and never showing him in the audience ( or maybe I missed it)

I thought Billy Crystal as Fernando was the funniest part of the show, especially when he teased Danny Divito about looking like a Pokemon and wanting to find him in happy meal and trade him amongst his friends.

But isn’t SNL’s 25th anniversary NEXT year?

I was disappointed that a three hour show left out so much, and had so much lame filler. I mean Adam Sandler’s bit - five minutes of nothing. And unless I missed it, no Deep Thoughts, and hardly any commercial parodies, which have been the funniest part of the show for me. My favorite line came from Victoria Jackson - “Whatever became of me?”

Yes, more clips and less grandstanding would’ve been nice. Hartman was great and I wanted to see more of him. Right - it was really the 24th anniversary - article in the Washington Post about it - they did the same thing for the 15th (14th) anniversary. Lorne Michaels was asked about it but he just skirted the issue. I missed some parts - was busy with other stuff and taped it, but did have the misfortune of watching that lame Adam Sandler bit. Sandler is just lame any way you look at it. How he managed a box office hit movie is beyond me.

It’s not like in the old days.

Phooey. I missed most of it (just one TV and it was tuned to football most of the night).

Did they show any of the freak Muppets bits? The ones with The Mighty Favohd (sp?) and his skeletal “wife” and the toady character?

I’d love to have those on tape somewhere.

Weellllll… the way I figure it (and this is based on info from TV Guide), the show premiered in April 1975, which still would have been the 1974-1975 tv season. So I guess it’s not totally inaccurate to say this is the 25th season, though it’s actually been on the air about 24 1/2 years.

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I thought Adam Sandler was a total stiff.It was like,What am I doing here,I’m a millionaire?He was funnier back then.I’ve never seen his movies

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