SNL's Tracy Morgan: could you suck some more?

Being the glutton for punishment I am when it comes to SNL, I watched last night’s show. Morgan did some ultra-lame “Astronaut Jones” bit.
Egads, man!! Have you EVER taken an acting lesson?

I missed last night’s episode; did he happen to do Safari Planet, THE DUMBEST RECURRING SKETCH IN THE WORLD?

I thought that Astronaut Jones bit was pretty funny.

I thought it was hilarious. I think someone missed the joke.

It was amusing, but last night’s episode was absolutely horrific. Even Jimmy Eat World couldn’t save the show. Unfortunate, because Cameron Diaz did a great job last time she hosted.

I dunno.
He wasn’t all that great in the spring break sketch either.

I agree. The best parts of last night’s show were the introduction with the singing couple, and Weekend Update. The rest of the show I ignored.

And here I thought it was my diabetes that caused the projectile vomiting last night…

Yeah, it was a bad show. Perhaps the worst episode EVER…but I don’t know.

There’s a new show on E! called *TV Tales[/]. The first show deals with the history of SNL. They spend about 1 minute on the horrifying 1980-81 season. Tracy Morgan could have easily been a cast member of that era.

Last night’s show was easily the worst in a very long time. A little Cameron Diaz goes a long way, Lorne. The more I see her, the less I want to see her or her bony ass.

Tracy Morgan can be funny, but his schtick (dumb, rude black guy) is getting old. Astronaut Jones was a return to the bad old days of SNL where a single funny joke was stretched out to cover a whole sketch.

Now that I think about it, a lot of the cast seems to have settled into comfortable, recurring roles (in one form or another): Will Ferrel doing his “I am the most inappropriate person for this role” character, like during the opening; Tina Fey’s rants on Weekend Update; Chris Kattan’s spastic physical comedy.

They’re all funny, they just have to not overdo it with their favourite bits.

HEY! There will be no dissing Cameron or her “bony” ass when I’m around! Got it? She has an ass coreographer. Do you? She was one of the only redeeming features of last night’s show. That and Astronaut Jones, which was so, so, so bad it was good.

Oh, sorry, I must have been watching the Bizarro SNL. :rolleyes:

I actually thought the episode with Derek Jeter was worse. They probably knew that he couldn’t act if his life depended on it, so he was basically a prop in most of the sketches. (Not that they would have been very funny anyway.)

A few years back, when Garth Brooks was doing the Chris Gaines alter-ego, he appeared on SNL. They did a segment where Tracy was talking to Garth (as Garth) backstage and slamming Chris Gaines as if he did not know it was Garth’s alter-ego. I thought that was comedy gold.

P.S. the '80-'81 season has nothing on 1994.

I thought Derek Jeter in drag as one of the “Baseball Wives” was hilarious. :shrug:

I thought Derek was brilliant as the third Eglasias Brother.

But, yeah, last night’s episodes was particularly horrific.

When will they learn that Chris Kattan acting like a monkey is simply not amusing?

When Mr. Peepers 3: The Final Conflict is released. :smiley:

“Worst episode ever”? Were you people in a coma the night they let Tom Green host? Ugh, I still have nightmares…

They tell me Steven Segal was a bad host…I want to know the horrifying details, please.