Snooker 2011 World Championships

As there’s no snooker thread I thought I’d start the ball rolling (so to speak).

I’d love to make a prediction for the tournament but there are at least 5 or 6 guys who could win this.

Should Hendry retire? That really depends on factors personal to him, but if I were in his position, and if I felt that my game was unlikely to improve, I probably would.
The four snookers frame between him and Selby probably didn’t help his confidence.

Predictions? Higgins perhaps to take it, of course O’Sullivan remains the most taelented player to play the game and can always a potential winner if he can get himself together. Judd Trump looks like an amazing young player, not the finsihed article, but it would be fantastic to see him win it.

Hendry shouldn’t retire, Jimmy White and Steve Davis still play and despite the fact that Steve Davis the 2nd most successful snooker player of all time after Hendry he hasn’t won a World Championship for 22 years.

Mark Williams wins the first semi-final spot and looks to be in the same form that led him to his past world titles (link).

Meanwhile Junhui is holding his lead against Selby. To be honest I expected as much: despite Selby getting 6 centuries against Hendry, the rest of his play looked a little loose, and I had ding as slight favourite (wish I’d put some cash on it now).

Williams’s resurgence is looking good but if it came to a match between him and Higgins, I would back Higgins I think. Selby I think has peaked too early and will fade, likewise Trump. The only player I can see winning it apart from Williams and Higgins is of course O’Sullivan, but I’m not convinced that he is fully focussed this year. Then again, is he ever? Should be an interesting last few days.

More or less even stevens at the moment in both semis. Higgins has the toughness and will want to put a horrible year behind him, so would slightly favour him - it could be any of them though to be honest.

How old is Ronnie now? Can’t have long before he’s on the slide if he’s not on it already - Hendry won the last of his titles at 33. Pitiful return of world titles for Ronnie’s talent really.

Wow, he’s 36 this year…
Y’know I hadn’t thought about that, I always assumed whatever problems he had were just his temperament. But he’s definitely getting on now. :frowning:

Agreed. They were just showing his classic, fastest ever, 147. He made it look effortless.

Judd Trump holding his own here, although early days. Be astonished if he can see off Higgins though - too much experience and nerve.
I’m off out on the bevvy and expect to see Higgins in charge when I’m back in tonight.

Didn’t have much of a chance to watch this year, unfortunately, but I’ve got a snooker evening planned for tonight… Trump’s shown some amazing potting from what I’ve seen, but potting isn’t everything, Higgins is by far the more experienced player, and if he gets his building together, there’s every chance for him (though I must admit I don’t know how the afternoon session played out; just saw Higgins is leading 13:12 into the evening, anybody care to catch me up?).

RIP Ted Lowe, who died yesterday aged 90. My first memory of snooker was listening to him commentate on Stephen Hendry’s 147 in the 1995 world championship semi-final.
One session to go in the final and Higgins leads 13 - 12.

Trump had chances in all four frames in the second half of this afternoon’s session, but lost them all due to a combination of bad luck, one or two shots where he pushed the boat out a bit too much, and Higgins finally hitting his stride (he had no breaks over 64 in the first two sessions, but 3 breaks over 90 in the 3rd session).

My prediction: those four frames will cost Trump the championship - Higgins to win 18 - 15.
I’m gutted to see that from next season the UK championship will be moved to York from Telford (I live < 15 miles from Telford) - with the world championships at the Crucible and many of the qualifying events at the world snooker academy, also in Sheffield, didn’t Yorkshire already have enough snooker?

Trump’s been the form player by miles, but Higgins managed to stay in contention throughout and finally got his game going today. Measure of his experience really, Trump would be out of sight against almost anyone else, he (Trump) is playing with great flair.

I’d expect Higgins to pull away over the final session, we shall see.

ETA I’m behind the schedule, session’s begun and Higgins has the first frame won.

An absolute classic. 16-15 to Higgins as I type this. Would love to see Trump win but either way it was a brilliant final.

16-15 Higgins right now. Amazing match. Both have played very well - and Trump has just made an amazing start to the 32nd frame! What a put. And what a match - one of the best finals I can remember seeing.

Wonderful break by Higgins seals the frame. 17-15. The layout was impossible, and he just kept on going. He’s one of the best to build a break out of nothing.

What a way to win. Wow! what a match.

Indeed! Trump played that frame into the hands of Higgins by missing an easy pink, but Higgins ends up taking it with an amazing pink at the end. Fantastic snooker!

Trump was exceptional but Higgins’ bollocks were just too big - great final.

Trump’s 5 seconds after losing the world championship and the BBC’s getting him on the mic. Seems a bit previous, but he handled it well.