Snow day! w00t!

The guy who does our driveway got stuck. Lucky for him, his dad has a backhoe (or maybe it’s a payloader – one of those big things with a shovel on it) – and dug him out.

My husband just got back from what passes for downtown. The lady at the post office told him she heard that the plows weren’t even going to go out until the wind dies down.

99% of the time I love our little town, but at times like this, it’d be nice to live somewhere that had a grocery store.

Our director told us if we wanted to stay home, do so. (Only 2 out of 8 in our team made it in - and one of them lives no more than 4 blocks away from the office)

So I did. My brother-in-law came to plow me out a few hours ago, and broke his plow. He took it home, fixed it, and came back to finish the job. Of course he was gone no more than 10 minutes and the effing city plows came through and completely blocked in the end of my driveway again. They just came through AGAIN. Where the heck were they early this morning?

By 11pm last night I could not open my doors, the snow was so deep. Then add pretty decent winds. In some places the snow in my yard is over 4’ deep.

It’s so pretty. The Kid and I already had a snowball fight. I lost. So I tossed her in a snowbank. Heh.

Snow days aren’t the same with a VPN connection and conference calls…

We were told if we telecommute we could not work from home if the building was open and we were scheduled in office. If it was closed we could either take vacation OR work from home. Work from home was the preferred option, of course. Covering for all those who were not in. Because we would be closed. Make sense? I love government.

I was more than willing to work from home today, but since I was scheduled downtown, I said forget it.