Two hour delay!

My new employer follows the lead of the federal government when it comes to inclement weather, so I got up this morning, got dressed, and turned on the TV to discover that I don’t need to be in till 11am! I left a message with my boss and now the only question is: what to do with all this free time?

Anyone else have an unexpected late start today?

Yes, but only because my car doors are iced shut. Not feeling that snow-day freedom thing. . . :wink:

Bummer. I remember having to keep an ice scraper in the house just so I could get to the ice scraper in the car. Not usually as much need for that here, thank goodness.

Pretty much the whole town here is closed down today due to a blizzard. Alas, I work from home. No delays or snow days for me.

Me. My boss called me last night and told me not to come in until 11. I usually get to work at 6:30. So, I’ve made a big pot of tea and am listening to the “A Shadow Over Innsmouth” radio play on CD. But I’ll have to go out and scrap ice off the car pretty soon.

Antigen, this is the most ridiculous late start ever, isn’t it? I’m currently home with my kids and a couple of neighbors’ kids and expecting a few more later on. I’ll be taking the herd to the school childcare program in about three groups later this morning when it opens. At least they’re big enough to entertain themselves at this point! My other hope is that enough people stay home that I’ll be able to find a parking spot when I finally get to work. The last time I went in late I ended up paying $32 for valet parking, and I’m not really up for that again.

I didn’t think the roads were bad enough to warrant any closings. I was out last night and all the main roads were fine. I guess they’re just being extra-safe, or it got worse overnight and I don’t know about it?

My entire team has called in “working from home” at this point. Including my boss.

It got a bit worse around me. I know there was freezing rain last night. My car wasn’t too bad, but some of the ones that got left at the commuter lot were frozen over. There’s ice on the ground and such, not real slippery, but bad enough. This is the first time I’ve ever seen an 11 opening. It will be interesting to see how it works out and maybe they will keep it that way.

Since I take the MARC train, I was here at 8:30, only an hour late, but I slept in!

I got in a little before 10, and had no trouble driving. Not even the slightest scary skid on the ice when I had to brake.

I was watching the NFC Championship game yesterday and during one of the newsbreaks they mentioned possible freezing rain. Just for kicks I checked the OPM Status site and they already had the delay for this morning. This was about 800pm.

Where I am (Takoma Park) I don’t think it even rained. It was just a little foggy when I left the house.

I made it in with no bad road conditions, but I passed two bad accidents and traffic was absolute hell. Took me about 2 hours to get in, which is twice as long as usual.

And now that I’m here, I’m told my supervisor took a sick day! I’m still in training and not really independent yet, and our department consists of him and me and one part-time girl who’s not here today. So… I guess I’ll catch up on some email. There are a couple things I could take care of on my own but that will take me an hour, if I take it slow. Guess I should have taken the day off!

I got in with no problems, but a near-accident happened int he next lane when a braking car slid into the path of traffic. It was a few inches away from being very seriously awful.

I ended up leaving Chevy Chase around 11:45. The drive to Arlington was a piece of cake - no issues to speak of. As an added bonus, there were still spots in my usual parking garage! Hooray! No running out to feed the meter for me.

Working from home today myself. Luckily I brought about 12 hours of work home, which I finished in 5 hours while doing laundry and amusing the cats. Ah, multitasking. I probably could have managed to get to work, but the roads are dangerous, the commute is long, and nobody will suffer if I work from home.

Minor threadjack - how did you like Comcast running commercials over the game in the fourth quarter and overtime on WTTG? (if you have Comcast)

That was a big f-up.

Nope; I have FiOS.

No delay today. The roads weren’t too bad when I left at 5:00 today. My windshield sometimes had some ice on it, but the roads weren’t slick anywhere that I could tell.

No delay, but I woke up early in anticipation of the freezing rain, and because of it, decided that I’d take the bus today instead of driving in. When I opened the back door I realized there wasn’t any freezing rain, that it was just the mess leftover from the weekend. Walking to the garage to get into my car, I decided that I’d drive in. (The bus ride home takes about 45 EXTRA minutes to get home and it’s a wash between what it cost for me to drive versus taking the bus.) There are two stop signs in the alley after I pull out of my garage and apparently there was ice still on the road because I slid through the first stop sign, missing the retaining wall on one corner and someone’s garage on the other.

I decided I’d take the bus after all.