Snow figure deemed "inappropriate."

I’m as confused as Ms. Lynn. Snow? Inappropraite? I might be able to understand if the figure had nipples but I’m at a loss here.

That reminds me of the time when I was a young whippersnapper and had a great big giggle when I re-arranged the carrot and two stones on my neighbor’s snowman into a cock’n’balls configuration.

After that complaint, I sure as hell would give the snowwoman some nipples.

Whoever called in had a heart as cold as a witch’s tit.

People who complain about such things are exactly what is wrong with this country.

Perfectly reasonable. Anything that reminds anyone in any way of sex, such as secondary sex characteristics, should be eliminated from public view. She should have put a friggin’ burqua on it.

Heh. I wonder what they would of thought of my sister’s snow woman with hairy armpits and other various parts.

Time to move to NZ, this country is just too uptight.

Incredible. Apparently what we all need to do is simply pretend that sex does not exist. I’m reminded of John Ashcroft’s insistence on covering up the nude statues in the Congressional chambers. Betcha a nickel they were giving him erections.

Um, in Canada, it is perfectly legal for women to walk around completely topless. I’m guessing a topless snowwoman wouldn’t get much of a response from the police.

(And the person who felt the need to complain about the “inappropriateness” of that snow figure seriously needs to get their priorties re-evaluated.)

Oh, you’re a fine one to talk. Ain’t much snow where you are.

Yeah, the Virginia tundra is prime for such things.

I’m thinking of setting one up with 44DD’s, myself.

Seriously? Holy shit!

Not only in Canada, but in Ohio as well. And New York State and the District of Columbia, too. The Topfree Equal Rights Association would certainly have something to say about this.

I see my campaign platform from the 2000 SDMB Elections (motto: Abolish Shirts!) is being propagated even in the wake of my defeat:)

does this remind anyone else of several Calvin and Hobbes comic strips? The snow woman, not the arrest.

Hey, we get around an inch a decade…or so they tell me. :wink:

You can point out to the good people of Kent, OH that they are a laughingstock here.

Pierced ones. With a chain connecting them.

The women should build a ruler next to the penis indicating that it is 3" tall.