Snow Monkeys and Snowball fights

Do snow monkeys have snowball fights? If not could you teach them?

Yes, but being good monkeys, they mix the snow with feces.

Could we also train them to become Snow Monkey butlers?

“Like every human child from Duluth to Murmansk, a young Japanese macaque has learned what to do when snow falls. Here in Joshinetsu Plateau National Park near Nagano, juvenile macaques often make snowballs and carry them around as play objects. While adults don’t make snowballs, they are not above playing with those made by the young, says photographer Mitsuaki Iwago. He also saw two young macaques rolling a snowball together, and another young one standing on top of its creation. But, in answer to a universal question, no one has ever reported seeing a macaque throw a snowball.” – “Animals at Play” by Stuart L. Brown, National Geographic, December 1994

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