Snowpiercer - The Series

Bing Bong Bing

Good morning, Snowpiercer. The temperature outside is -162 Degrees.

I regret to inform you that severe food rationing will start immediately. While we have plenty of canned food on hand, some idiot from the galley just dropped our only can opener off the train.

We apologize for the inconvenience.

Bing Bong Bing

“It’s just hospitality killing a man.”

I really enjoyed Ruth in the finale. Her character arc was great, and she’s fully thrown in with Melanie and Layton now.

They really turned up the insanity knob on Wilford on this episode. And I’ve have to think the “Snowpiercer is a sequel to Charlie & the Chocolate Factory” theory influenced the carnival car, at least a little.

Three named characters are probably dead, but with this show, who knows? They brought Josie back, so Melanie, Javi and Boki are all candidates to return next season. But sadly sea turtles, mackerel, and salmon are now extinct.

Has anyone else wondered if Wilford’s cull on Big Alice may have actually been justifiable? :grimacing: We don’t really know what onboard conditions were like in the beginning, but (aside from Wilford himself) everyone onboard has a living standard in-between Third Class and the Tail. From the mess hall scenes it looks like they were eating algae and mold (presumably even Wilford didn’t have better food). Did Melanie’s parents really refuse to leave their home?
Snowpiercer is a different story. It could probably support at least twice as many people in reasonable conditions if they dialed down living standards in First & Second Class. The audience is meant to assume Wilford was just using potential resource shortages as an excuse to purge potential dissidents and cement his rule. Ironically Layton & co might have inadvertently given him an even better excuse.

Then maybe he should have just Thanos’d them, and picked 50% at random, instead of running a census so he personally could determine who lives & who dies.