Snuff Films

Thank you, Unca Cece, for laying to rest that these films exist in the common porn library. Yes, there may be a few that circulate among the the TRULY PERVERSE but, in several years of (Honest, it was INNOCENT! I’m a researcher for a bestselling crime author!) looking, I never found anything that was not faked.

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As Max Renn said in Videodrome, “Why do it for real? It’s easier and safer to fake it.”.

Not sure where the home of the Unabomer is, but the author wouldn’t be John Sandford (i.e., John Camp), would it?

Wouldn’t this count as a “snuff film”?

No, for two reasons.

First, if this actually happened it was never intended for commercial pornography.

Second, the wording of the article isn’t completely clear but from the following it appears that the filming and the murder were two separate events.

If Altinger is dead, Twitchell filmed himself killing him, and if Twitchell intended to distribute the film, rather than keep it for his personal viewing, like Lake and Ng made, yeah, I think it would count. None of the news stories mention a film yet, just a studio and a fictional film.