Snyder to do Watchmen movie

In this article about the upcoming movie 300, Wired reports that WB has given Snyder approval to do Watchmen - OMGWTFBBQ! I’m so stoked!

– IG

I’m not so sure. Alan Moore doesn’t seem fond of the idea. (Cite found here in reference to an earlier attempt to make a Watchmen movie.)

Alan Moore hates all films of his work, though. He had a bad experience with LXG, and won’t take cash or credit for any of the works he’s already sold the film rights for.

He’s not exactly an unbiased source.

FTR, I myself don’t think Watchmen would work in this era or outside of comics, but Moore was bound to disapprove no matter what.

That’s another good point. It was an incredible example of its media, but that doesn’t mean it will translate well into others. Also, you’re probably right that it would fare poorly if they make the (probably inevitable) decision to update it to a modern era.

In short, I’m interested to see how this develops, but I will not be getting my hopes up.