So-and-so and that other guy/gal (game)

Compose a phrase like this: “Bud Abbott and that other guy”.

The next poster responds “Lou Costello”, and presents their own.

You can use either real names or names of characters from books, movies, theater, short stories, music, or whatever. They can be famous or obscure.

Here’s the first one:

The Lone Ranger and that other guy.


Duke Mitchell and that other guy

Hey Libertarian
I feel badly for killing your game so early on. It’s a good game and I’d like to see it do well. But, now, after almost 24Hrs, no one has been able to come up with the answer to my post and the thread has ended up buried on the second page. So, I will provide the answer (I really thought someone would know it!) and I will offer an easier entry just to get things rolling.

The answer is Duke Mitchell and Sammy Petrillo.

These guys had a wonderfully second rate night club act based on Martin and Lewis. Mitchell wasn’t much of a Dean Martin but Sammy Petrillo did a wonderful Jerry Lewis- I think he deserved more credit. They had one significant film to their credit. Jerry Lewis tried very hard to keep the film from being released. The film’s release pretty much went unnoticed anyway so Jerry really had nothing to worry about.

O.K. now an easy one to get things rolling:

Desi Arnaz and that (other) gal

Lucille Ball

(You didn’t kill the thread, Bienville. Sometimes they live; sometimes they die. And sometimes, they come back to life.)

John Lennon and that other guy.

Yoko Ono? :smiley:

Let’s say Paul McCartney.

Ed, Edd, and that other kid.

Why don’t you just let this one die quietly and chalk it up to a bad idea. No one will hold it against you.

Ed, Edd and Eddie

Marty Allen and that other guy.

Steve Rossi.

(good one! dang – thanks for making me feel ancient, though.)

Miles Archer

sorry – that s/b Miles Archer and that other guy.

Miles Archer and ** Sam Spade**

Gallagher and that other guy[ oldtimers, put your thinkin’ caps on]

Shean. Old-time vaudeville act, I believe.

Leopold and ???


Sacco and…???

Vanzetti (sp?)

Heckle and that other guy


Rosenkrantz and whatisname…

Guildenstern (sp?)

Cisco Kid and who was it?

Cisco Kid and Pancho

Eloise and that guy…


Thisbe and the other one…


Neils Bohr and that other guy …


Bullwinkle and that other one…


Shirley and that guy…