So, are these pants "fat" or "phat"?

I have recently discovered that I am old and terribly unhip.

As I result, I find my knowledge of teen parlance to be sorely lacking.

So which is it? “Fat” pants or “Phat” pants.

Those of you that don’t know what I’m talking about probably need not answer as you are likely as old and square as me. :smiley:

phat = cool similar terms include “off the hook” and “stupid fly”

And “tweakin”. Or so my grandkids tell me. Used to mean something entirely different.

I have seen it both ways - I guess it means that ‘hip’ teens of today don’t know how to spell. :wink:

No, no.

What I’m asking is that when my teenaged co-worker says she’s wearing her fat/phat pants which is it? fat or phat.

Admittedly, the pants are huge, and if you were feeling a tad PMSy they would certainly accomodate. However, they also seem to be quite hip and trendy, so it seems “phat” would apply also.

I’m just wondering which word is actually intended when spoken by a real live teenager.

(As previously mentioned, I am both old and unhip).

I don’t think teenage girls have fat pants. Even if they are PMSing. When you’re a teenager, you just buy new pants every weekend at the mall anyway. When you get to be older, then you have a half of a closet full of fat clothes :slight_smile:

When I was in college about 9 years ago, PHAT used to mean, Pretty Hot and Tempting. I don’t know what it means now. What does tweaking mean? I understood it to mean on methampetamines, but IANATeenager.

Well, brujo, the teenage girl who live’s a few doors from me once told me “Hey, grampa, you tweakin”. She’s a cool kid, and said it with a smile, so I took it to be some kind of compliment.
Later I asked my granddaughter (13) what it meant. She and her friend said it meant cool or hip. “You know. With it, grampa”.
Yeah, when I was younger ‘tweakin’ meant speeding on anything. Especially if one’s been at it for several days.



These kids today…


It’s “phat.” I pronounce it “pee-hat,” but that’s because I’m old and unhip. The kids dig it when I act ghetto.

The teenagers say “phat” often, when describing something good. I don’t know what your co-worker (cow-orker?) means, but it’s probably self-complimentary.

They’re ughat (as in laugh)

Ah…all these young whippersnappers with their big pants and their Dr. Pepper lipgloss…kids today!

Now back in MY day, we wore an onion on our belts-as was the style at the time…zzzzzzz

I am the original fashion assassin. I believe that the rad/hip/jammin/down-home/groovy hoodies/cribbers/bangers/hipsters/kids are wearing phat pants. I’m sure of it cuz my wife has fat pants and skinny pants but no phat pants. All I have are fat pants. I used to have phat pants until I got fat. 10 years ago my walnut cracking butt was “gnarly” and “funky”. Now my ass is just plain gnarly and funky. I’m turning into the guy I used to laugh at in movies who can’t keep up with the lingo. I even shaved my soul patch and goatee when I realized that they didn’t make me look cool anymore. They made me look like an old guy wearing fat pants trying to look cool to pick up the young chicks. True, that’s what I am, but no need to appear to obvious.

But on the subject of phat pants, why is it that people wearing phat pants sit in the middle of the front seat all leaned over and stuff while they drive? Is it like, totally way bitchin cool to have your head directly under the rear view mirror when driving? Just one of those ravin jive actions that I don’t be down with yo.

If you are talking about those gigantic pants, such as these, I’ve actually seen both spellings fairly equally.

Since they seem to be hip, in some places, for some unknown reason, that would make them: phat fat pants or phat phat pants, if you prefer.

“Those tweakin’ phat pants are way phat, ya whack hottie.”

You run, DMC

Yep - that’s them.

“phat” it is. Although I’m confident that I will never sound hip saying that…

I think that, whilst the acronym is true now, that’s not how phat derived. People have apparently been calling each other “fat” for a while, and that got morphed by kewl spelling to “phat” (possibly related to all the phreeky spellings that have arisen from computer use and the internet?).

Anyway, here’s a usenet link to back up the acronym-after-the-word point.

It depends on how well they phit. I have some “fat clothes,” and I have some cool clothes. I have no phat clothes.


So tweaking means hip? Why does drug terminology from one age group filter down to a group that is 10 years younger with a different non-drug meaning? I expect that any day now, I’ll hear someone use the term “kind” to describe something as being high quality or desirable. That is a “kind” ride.


Interesting cite. I don’t remember people using the term “fat” in the eighties, but I was really young at the time so that is not surprising.