So, are you having your groceries delivered yet?

Some of my friends swear by this. I haven’t made the leap. How is your produce, the cuts of meat etc.? Educate me on this, please

I’ve had them delivered since 2012, everything has been perfect. Admittedly, I don’t order a ton of produce since I live alone, but it’s pretty hard to screw up bananas. I order mainly fish and chicken and it’s been excellent.

I’ve used Peapod and Jewel-Osco in Chicago. Peapod has a better website, Jewel has better pricing and deals.

We’ve been doing this with Safeway for the past few months and it’s been working out pretty well. The delivery fee is minimal - well worth the savings of time and effort.

If an item is out of stock, they’ll substitute a similar product, but you can accept or decline the substitution upon delivery, so it’s a nearly foolproof system. We haven’t had any quality issues with produce or perishables.

I actually like grocery shopping! I can’t imagine not being able to pick out my own food.

No, but my wife puts in pick-up orders at Walmart once in awhile.

You can order it all online and they pack it and bring it out to you. All for no charge.

Sounded tedious, but it was really easy to do online.

Nah, I kind of like grocery shopping. Besides, I’m a clearance junkie and I’d miss out on that if I didn’t go in.

My SIL does the pre-order and pickup at Wal-Mart. I, too, am leery of ordering produce like that, but apparently you can refuse anything you don’t like the look of and they’ll take it off the bill.

And as far as substitutions, I guess not too long ago she had ordered some salmon, but they ran out so they gave her a superior/larger piece at the same price, so that’s cool.

Me, too. I frequently shop without a list to get some inspiration for what tk make. I love grocery stores and grocery shopping.

Yeah, and I used to love browsing record stores. Thanks internet.

I think about it every time that I am tired and I need to go to the store.

The problem, though, is largely with meats and produce. It’s not just that I want to pick it myself, I also want to be able to choose to not get something, if there isn’t anything that I am liking. Sometimes, there are some green peppers, but I wouldn’t want to eat any of them, much less pay for them.

I don’t know that I trust some guy to pick the better of the produce, or of the meats. I don’t know that I entirely trust them to check the expiration dates on yogurt or sour cream.

I love to grocery shop, but I can’t drive due to low vision, so I have groceries delivered fairly often. I’ve been pretty happy so far. Safeway’s delivery service is pretty cheap. I use Insta-Cart for orders from Costco. Insta-Cart is somewhat pricier… Two caveats about delivery:

  1. Not all products in the store are available for delivery, so if, for instance, there’s a particular brand and variety of tea you like, you might not find it on the online menu of goods for delivery.

  2. Produce varies. I’ve received beautiful produce , but I’ve also had soft grapes and mushy apples.'m absurdly finicky about produce, so unless it’s something that can’t be screwed up, like onions or potatoes, I walk or take a bus to the store to pick it out myself.

Meats have been fine. You generally can’t order stuff from the butcher block section of the store, but I haven’t been disappointed with the packaged meats.

A few months ago, we tried it with Safeway several times. We were not impressed. Every delivery, more than a few items were not delivered, with the receipt marked “out of stock.” One of the times, it was like 1/3 to 1/2 the order, enough that we had to place another order the next day. We were getting our deliveries from the same store we shop at, and for most items we knew damn well they weren’t out of stock - there was always plenty when we were in the store. We gave up on the idea after four or five times, and went back to shopping the old-fashioned way.

No but if you order from Prime Pantry or possibly even Market Place I may just fondle your goodies. :wink:

I enjoy grocery stores; its about the last thing I want to have someone else do for me. In some sort of emergency I could see doing it but I don’t think I could make it a regular practice.

That would be quite a feat where I live. I wish I could do it. I hate stores with a purple passion.

The really local store (not a chain) doesn’t do delivery.

The Giant that’s about a 12-minute drive away has been doing delivery through Peapod for at least a decade, and we’re still out of their delivery range. (I’ve been checking every year or two - I’d really like to get my groceries delivered.) We’re also out of range of the Safeway that’s across the highway from them.

There’s a Weis about 20 minutes away. Haven’t checked to see if they do delivery out here. If not, that would probably cover the available possibilities. Everything else is at least half an hour away.

I do this all the time. We use Amazon Fresh, Safeway, or QFC via InstaCart. I have not had very many problems with it. I love being able to get the grocery shopping done sitting on the couch with my iPad. It’s fun to go to the store every once in awhile to browse, but that’s what rare.

I like grocery shopping, but how much is the charge to have them delivered?

Picking everything off a shelf, then driving it to your house must cost $10-20. If you’re buying $100 of groceries that isn’t bad. But if you’re buying less that would add up.

I think it is highly variable. With Safeway, they typically have a promo where if you buy 5 things off a specific list and spend over $150 it is free. With Amazon you have to buy an upgrade to Prime (I don’t remember what it was, I can try to look it up if you want to know specifics), then it is free as long as you spend over…I think it is $50. Then they add a tip for the driver which you can adjust if you want, I think it is typically $5-$10. InstaCart is pretty expensive. I think the delivery fee is about $12, then they add a tip for the shopper. I think the default is 10%, you can adjust it if you want. It gets pretty pricey for a big order, but you get relatively a lot of service for that. The shopper texts you during the shopping to ask what you want them to do if the store doesn’t have exactly what you asked for. But Amazon is the best at putting like things together, probably has to do with how the order is fulfilled.

We don’t drive. Whenever we need bulky and/or heavy items, like kitty litter, we have Peapod deliver.

I use Instacart. I can choose from many area stores from which to shop. The nice thing about Instacart is, you can track your order in real time as it’s being shopped. If the store is out of something on your order, the shopper will text you and you can text them back if you want something else.

If I was ill, or some other such circumstance, maybe, (especially if it was the winter!) But I can walk to a fair amount of stuff. And I’m fussy for my produce, like the inspiration being in the store provides, and don’t really mind shopping enough, to pay for it to be done for me.

But I’m certainly open to having my mind changed in the future. I’m enjoying watching the various food delivery/catering services come into the market. It will be interesting to see which ones survive, thrive etc. What it will all morph into, etc.