So Are You Hookers or What?

Torrid is wonderful. They also do the one thing I’ve been begging plus sized stores to do – they use fat models. That way, I can actually tell how the outfit is going to look on me, instead of my super slender lost twin. Torrid is a sister-store to Hot Topic, which also carries some nifty things in large sizes. It’s a much more casual, music-oriented place than Torrid, though.

And about the fat girls squeezing themselves into smaller sizes – word. I don’t like that, and I don’t like designers who think “plus size fashions” equals throwing a few more inches of material onto skinny girl fashions. Clearly the same cut/color/fabric/design that looks stunning on a size 10 is not going to look as good on my size 26 self, or vice-versa.

Heh, fessie. Supposedly the whole sweater is right there, but damned if I can see it. I guess cardigan now means a scrap of knit material to toss on with your low-rise jeans.

Ninjachick, I don’t know if longer sleeves are “in” or not [they were not too long ago], but I like my sleeves to come down to my knuckles, at least. Am I a freak? :frowning:

Also, I just hijacked the hell out of this thread. What was the OP about? Something about hookers? Mmmm, hookers.

I’ve never heard of Torrid until this thread so I visited their Web site. Good on them for using plus-sized models.

As long as they’re not selling hot pants, I hope they do well.

…or ponchos :wink:

Damn, I saw this place at a mall near me. I walked by it and wondered what the fuck it was, but I didn’t dare go it. Now I know!!! Just more trashy clothes for the Britney-wannabe suburban teens tramps to wear. Nice! :rolleyes:

Didn’t Michael J. Fox have a jacket with really long sleeves in the Back to the Future movie that was actually set in the future?

What is with the “California Soul” section of their website? It’s a very bad representation of the island—no mention (that I could see) of The Casino! How can you do a “tour” of Catalina and not do the Casino?

Well, pretty lame, anyway. (And weren’t they phasing the buffalos out? I thought I heard that, but perhaps I was wrong.)

Damn. Even Torrid doesn’t have cute bras in my size. :frowning:

Hollister? I’m in denial. Doesn’t exist. Just like Alien 3.

Yes, but the jacket adjusted to fit correctly. He just didn’t turn it on.

My dream is that our mall gets a Torrid store. I love their website though I have not ordered there yet. Some of their models are incredibly cute, as well as being an accurate representation of the store’s likely shoppers.

Teenage male checking in: the more scantily-clad teenage girls about, the better.

[codger mode]

Well, you young studlet, just wait till your daughter is that age and we’ll see if you think hookerwear is fine for her.

[/codger mode]

I still didn’t see anything risque about those clothes. Granted, I haven’t been to a Hollister store, but that website is far from cutting edge. I think Abercrombie has boring, conservative stuff as well. Preppy=bleh.

Damn. I’m in Canada, so no Torrid here, but I might have to make a special trip to Buffalo just to check it out. I’m so impressed that they actually use plus sized models (hint to the rest of the world, size 12 != plus sized), and that the clothes still look good at those sizes.

jacquilynne, you know you can order from the website, right?

As for Hollister, why in the world do people get excited about 50 stores that sell the exact same shit? A&F=Hollister=GAP=Old Navy=American Eagle=Same. Goddamn. Thing.

Are you kidding? It hasn’t even gotten started yet.

I’ll check them out for you. :slight_smile:

fessie, Torrid has been downstairs there for at least a year.

That’s probably how long it’s been since I wandered down that particular hallway :wink: .

Fuckin’ ridiculous, isn’t it? I saw a skirt today that wasn’t as long as my hand; the label read “14 years”. And I don’t have big hands, either.

What really twists my nipples is that the mothers who let their 10-year-old daughters dress like cheap whores are the same ones who form torch-bearing mobs when they find out there’s a convicted sex offender living on their street.

I know, but it’s really hard to tell if your ass looks fat in these jeans when you’re looking at a picture of these jeans on a website.

I have more respect for porn and hookers than for Hooters girls. Then again, they are a step above telemarketers :slight_smile: