So Are You Hookers or What?

There’s a newish store at Woodfield Mall in Schaumburg that I happened to notice yesterday - not sure how long it’s been there, as I’m not a mall frequenter myself.

Very strange facade - it looks like the outdoor exterior of a building, with dark brick, casement windows, and stairs immediately inside the two doorways leading up to a very dark shopping area. I’m assuming it was a shopping area, it looked more like a bar except for some clothes and purses on display. No idea what the store is called, as there was no signage.

The other notable feature was the two comely young ladies stationed at the stairs, just standing around.

For a minute there I thought I was in Amsterdam.

Here’s the Woodfield Mall’s website. You could probably find out what the store is there:

Alternatively, you could go into the store and ask someone.

I’m confused. Why is this in the pit? Where’s the obscene language, dammit?

Actually I did look on the mall’s floorplan, but nothing was listed. No way my twins’ double stroller would’ve made it up those steps. I guess I could have asked one of the young ladies exactly what was going on, but no way I could’ve kept a straight face.

I guess I didn’t really finish my thought. Doesn’t anyone else get tired of seeing girls’ sex appeal used to sell items? They were clearly poised as bait to attract shoppers. I know it’s nothing new in advertising, but somehow seeing real live young women being used this way was particularly disturbing.

As a male, no ;)…actually, I am sick of it for car washes, cause you never know if the girls are legal or not.

So I see you found Hollister . These suckers make Abercrombie look like a nursing home. I live down the street from Woodfield, and I’m always being sent on errands there. I too noticed the odd facade at first, and went in for a look. I wouldn’t buy anything there if my currant clothes were on fire. It’s all pre-destroyed for fashions sake and everyone that works there is a semi nude 15 year old. I will never set foot in that store again…

One day this summer I saw some young girls out on the street with signs and such advertising their car wash. For some reason it really pissed me off that this little girl (no more than 15) was wearing a midriff t-shirt and shorts so short you could see her ass, I mean you could see cheek. I was embarassed for her, and all I could think of was my little sis.

I’m no prude when it comes to dressing sexy, but fer chrissakes she was 15! So, I stuck my head out the Jeep window and said, “Get some clothes on, that’s f’n tacky!” She just sort of stared at me and that was it before we drove off. I know that wasn’t the greatest thing to do, but damn, I can’t believe the school is ok with the cheerleaders using their “assets” to get people to their carwash.

I guess I’m not sure where I draw the line. Maybe I’m a hyprocrite, but I’ll tell you this, I never showed my ass until I was at least 20, and it was in the privacy of a strip club! :smiley:

Sadly, Hollister is owned by Abercrombie. I used to work at Abercrombie’s corporate headquarters. Hard to believe Abercrombie could kick the overall skankiness of their clothes up a notch, but they managed to do it anyway.

I don’t know where to draw the line either; it’s certainly their right to do as they please (both the business owners and the young ladies).

Honestly, though, the vibe from outside that store was absolutely sinister. Straight-out porn isn’t as offensive as their underhanded suggestiveness. Everything about the exterior suggested a bordello was contained within.

I was expecting hoochie wear, that Hollister stuff looks pretty tame to me. It’s just preppy. I didn’t see anything sexy on there, but I also didn’t check out the entire site. Bo-ring.

Actually, on the topic of hoochie wear, they’ve got another new store at the mall (can you tell I don’t get out much?) with wild clothes for big chicks. Think Lane Bryant crossed with Fredricks and Urban Outfitters. Fake boas & black leather. Sizes 12 to 26.

(in case anyone was wondering what to get me for my birthday) :wink:

OMG! Check out the sleeves on this sweater! :eek: Are they making them for a new long-armed breed of teenager?

They’re also selling legwarmers. I will point and laugh at the first fashion victim I see wearing legwarmers. I’ll then ask other bystanders to start throwing things at her.

It was bad enough when I was 11 and wore legwarmers with my Jordache jeans in 1981, but I’ll use my age as an excuse for that. This 80s retro craze has officially gone too far!


Cough. Pardon. What I meant to say is do you happen to know what store that is, and if they happen to have a website? Is it Torrid, perhaps?

Heh, oh no. There’s just so much material missing from the bottom that the arms look that long.

…or did you just whoosh me?

chatelaineI think it was Torrid - at least I think the logo was pink. It looked pretty wild from the outside.

I forgot to thank you, Cluricaun, for providing the store’s name.

Well there’s definitely something missing - where’s the front? The part that covers the boobies?

Ah, I thought it might be. I was hoping there was a new one.

Drop in there the next time you’re at the mall. You’ll like it, I think.

In addition to what chatelaine said, long sleeves are also ‘in’. I think. At least they were at some vague time in the past. Granted, I generally don’t have the slightest clue of what’s in, and all my sleeves are usually too long because I’m short limbed. I’ve got a point in here somewhere…

That stuff is very sexy and classy. I would love to see ahem larger women wearing more of those fashions than trying to squeeze into Juniors. A lot of small women look bad in Juniors, so the larger ladies aren’t doing themselves any favors by shopping there too.

In fact, anyone over the age of 17 and over size 6 probably shouldn’t be shopping in Juniors. (Yeah, I’m the fashion police, you have a problem with that? :smiley: )

Umm, I don’t think they’re wearing them with jeans, if you get my drift
:eek: .