So assuming we go over the fiscal cliff 1/1/13 what things happen to the lives of everyday people?

Looking for answers re what is at the bottom of the cliff for the average citizen.

Not much for most people.

The first ones to notice it, IIRC, are the people who will run out of unemployment benefits.

Well, the banks and national parks will all be closed.

But that’s because it’s a national holiday.

Seriously, I am prepared to not be shocked if there is no particular downside to this.

Few National Parks are closed on New Years Day.

I keep picturing the whole country crammed in a car with Toonces the Cat behind the wheel.

I always like to do my taxes early - but the last time something like this happened, I had to wait until the legislation was passed to file - the online tax software companies were strongly suggesting to wait until things were settled first. I think I had to wait until the end of January/early February(?) to file - although I had all my documents ready a few weeks prior to that.

We’ll get bombarded by media stories slanted towards how it’s all the Republican’s fault.

A recession. Everybody’s taxes go up, and thus they have less money to spend and the economy contracts. The government spends less money next year, which also causes the economy to contract. People get laid off as business adjust to lower sales. Those people really cut back on their spending. Businesses make less money, resulting in a drop in tax revenue for the government (which may or may not outweigh the increase in income tax rates).

It’s a crappy situation, but it won’t be the End of the World (which isn’t to say that the government couldn’t continue to make even stupider decisions, Great Depression-style, to run the economy further off a cliff).

And we’ll see tons of snarky comments from conservatives implying that Republicans are blameless.


Am i missing something?

Isn’t this just what you’d to with your spouse (or child) if they ran up massive credit card debt, while continuing wasteful spending, and giving tons of money to their best friends, as well as their back stabbing friends (like the 20 F16 and 200 M1A1 tanks we just gave Egypt this month, the $3 billion we give - not loan - to Pakistan, each year…the billions in aid we have given to North Korea in exchange for broken promises, which instead went right into the development on nuclear warheads and stage 3 missiles that can park them in the USA’s backyard).

The Fiscal Cliff could be the best event ever in USA history, if only we cut massive reckless spending, entitlements and FOREIGN AID.

Imagine how much better off those 20 F16 Falcon jet fighters and 200 M1A1 Abrahms tanks would work for the USA if instead we kept them and used the to patrol the USA / Mexican border.

Imagine if we kept the billions we give to Pakistan EACh YEAR, and used it to pay down our debt, and/or improved our infrastructure.

One Republican in particular?

you and I, and our working children, give $233 in military and economic aid to EVERY man, woman and child in AFGHANISTAN, per year

Thats less than our taxes will go up on average per USA person, now that we’ve finally realized that some poor bastard must pay for these people, who enjoy Christmas gifts 365 days a year:
Top 25 Recipient Countries of U.S. Foreign Aid FY 2010 Reported in $US millions, Obligations[6]
Country Economic Assistance FY 2010, $US millions Military Assistance FY2010, $US millions U.S. Total Economic and Military FY2010, $US millions Aid received per person recipient FY2010, $US est. ratio of U.S. Aid to official GDP[7] Economic Aid received per person recipient FY2010, $US Military Aid received per person recipient FY2010, $US
Afghanistan 4,646.5 6,800.3 11,446.8 393.08 71.9% 159.56 233.52
Pakistan 1,939.6 913.9 2,853.5 15.47 1.6% 10.52 4.95
Haiti 1,406.3 1.8 1,408.1 145.94 21.5% 145.75 0.19
Iraq 1,081.9 1,006.0 2,087.9 70.37 2.6% 39.46 33.91
Ethiopia 981.5 0.3 981.8 11.16 3.3% 11.16 0.00
Sudan 870.9 104.9 975.9 22.21 1.5% 19.82 2.39
Kenya 816.2 2.5 818.7 20.05 2.5% 19.99 0.06
Senegal 698.4 3.7 702.1 56.97 5.5% 56.67 0.30
West Bank/Gaza 693.1 693.1 4.18 10.4%[8] 172.44 0.00
Colombia 677.9 185.8 863.7 19.54 0.3% 15.34 4.20
Mexico 622.3 96.0 718.2 6.39 0.07% 5.54 0.85
South Africa 566.1 1.6 567.8 11.56 0.2% 11.53 0.03
Tanzania 553.7 20.3 554.8 13.24 2.5% 13.21 0.48
Jordan 463.3 303.8 767.1 119.72 2.9% 72.31 47.41
Nigeria 456.1 2.9 459.0 2.84 0.2% 2.82 0.02
Uganda 451.1 36.3 487.4 14.59 2.8% 13.50 1.09
Georgia 420.0 17.8 437.8 95.17 3.8% 91.30 3.87
Mozambique 403.9 0.5 404.4 18.04 4.3% 18.02 0.02
Egypt 397.0 1,301.9 1,698.9 21.11 0.8% 4.93 16.18
Russia 379.1 126.8 505.9 3.63 0.03% 2.72 0.91
Congo (Kinshasa) 358.9 30.0 388.9 5.57 3.0% 5.14 0.43
Zambia 331.4 0.4 331.8 24.65 2.0% 24.62 0.03
Indonesia 312.7 25.4 338.0 1.39 0.05% 1.29 0.10
Kazakhstan 304.5 17.2 321.7 18.83 0.2% 17.82 1.01
Israel 36.3 2,799.5 2,835.8 385.62 1.3% 4.94 380.68
Sources: U.S. Overseas Loans and Grants, U.S. Bureau of Census (BUCEN) International Database. BUCEN does not maintain population data for the West Bank/Gaza, population estimates for that are provided by The World Bank[9]
The current status of the West Bank/Gaza is subject to the Israeli-Palestinian Interim Agreement, with its permanent status to be determined through further negotiation.
GDP data does not include Gaza

While this alone would not fix the mess, it just 1 example of wasteful spending

How many of you knew we still give, GIVE, aid to Russia?

I wish you’d fix the mess that is your formatting. That “table” you posted is impossible to read.

PS I am a lifetime repub…who thinks Boehmer is off his rocker, as do many in his party.

over 100K (not a million per yr) but I would have no qualm with my taxes going uo…if the Dem’s would agree to massives spending cuts.

As far as the Repubs who make 250,00 to 999,999 per year, who don’t won’t to go back to the same tax rate they had until Bush reduced them, that is not being well received in either camp…Boehmer doesn’t grasp that most Repubs do not make over 250K or the Dem revised 400k per year. These same $$$ folks survived just fine prior to Bush reducing their taxes.

Unless I am mistaken, a very large portion of this money ends up in the hands of American companies (e.g. Creative Associates International, Inc. and Academi/Blackwater) and contractors, rather than Afghans.

Its hard not to blame a party thats so out of touch, its members can’t even pass their own alternative bills. Wait, maybe the media got that wrong? Or that they’re more concerned with carting their ignorant useless flabby butts to Dulles for home-cooked Xmas Turkey
than in actually working on what they’ve been employed for? Look, I can’t speak to foreign aid distributions that I have no say in. I can speak to lazy useless wastrels who are right here at home and are more concerned with re-election warchests and Grover Norquist
than they are with with the safety and the future of America.
“Just remember this, Mr. Potter, that this rabble you’re talking about… they do most of the working and paying and living and dying in this community. Well, is it too much to have them work and pay and live and die in a couple of decent rooms and a bath?”

Great question by the OP; wish I knew the answer; too bad the thread got hijacked.


but those same Black Water people could be used on our border with Mexico to curb human and drug trafficking, backed up by those 20 F16 Falcon jets and tanks we just gave to Egypt.

back to the OP:

want to know exactly how much the fiscal cliff will cost every one of you?

just fill in your income, & number of dependents claimed.

In my case, about 5000 more a year, or 416 per month…about the same as the payments on a new Cadillac.