So begbert2 what is actually worthy of being called a service?

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It’s paid. It’s not service. It’s a fine arbitrary criteria that I’ll happily hew to as long as you wish to discuss the subject, since it makes it impossible for me to ‘lose’.

Of course, the intended sense of the term is that in doing it, you’re automatically doing something wonderful for the benefit of others. Which is, in my opinion, far from a reliable assumption about military jobs. (Or for politicians, for that matter.) When it comes to the military I think that calling military employment “service” is a propaganda move intended to attract people to work for the military both cheaply and without them questioning the properties and morality of the job. And it works.

What endeavors out there would qualify as “service” under your definition?

So Police and Firemen are also not serving? They’re actually paid well and I sure as hell don’t begrudge them the word service?

You still what actually does qualify for the word service?

You have a uniquely strange definition of service it seems. I also wish you didn’t drop a turd in the other thread. Maybe in the future you could think a little more about such.

There’s a whole sector of the economy called the service sector. Those folks get paid…I think you’re defining the word in an atypical way, or at least so narrowly that it pretty much only covers religious activity.

Helping people for free, obviously. An example that leaps to mind is mowing an invalid’s lawn for them.

My company gives out service awards for ten years employment, twenty years, etc. We certainly get paid. I don’t think the word implies voluntary or unpaid work in the least.

Justifying the military by calling it “service” galls me enough that, after deliberating on it, I felt that I needed to vent that pressure.

The pressure is vented now, so we can stop whenever.

Now this is interesting - I’m presuming that you don’t work for the government?

Perhaps a more interesting question is, what would not count as service? I sit at a desk writing software for a private company, both for its profit and mine. Am I serving my company?

I know you said “we can stop whenever” but could you explain a little more? I wasn’t under the impression that the military needed to be “justified”

Yes, of course you are serving your company. Why would you think any different?

Actually, yes, you are.

You seem to have a very narrow definition of service.

I usually reward the server the provides good service at a restaurant a tip for her service. I consider the sacrifices people make to serve the military, or as police or firemen and also teachers to be major examples of public service.

The definition of “service” is “the action of helping or doing work for someone”, but nowhere does any definition of the word say that it must be done for free.

Your definition of the word “service” is your own, and therefore of no use to me. Next time, try to find a word that fits what you are trying to say.

“Service” is a word with several definitions, actually. The one your server at your restaurant is called by hearkens to the fact they deliver you stuff.

You do realize this is monumentally silly, right? If you’re going to grant me permission to have my own definitions of words, then obviously those words are going to fit what I’m trying to say. Unless you mean that I have to psychically intuit your weird personal definitions and use them, such as if you decided that “glory” means “a nice knock-down argument” I’d be expected to know and use it that way.

I just came by to say I do not grant you permission to have your own definitions of words. Unless your intention is to piss people off and obstruct communication. In which case I shake my head at you but still do not grant permission.

Your definition is wrong. Some “service” is done for free and some is paid. Period. I’m outta here.

I have found no definition of “service” that says that it must be done for free. Please find another word for whatever it is you are trying to say, because “service” isn’t it. If the purpose of your posting is to communicate, then you are fucking up royally by inventing definitions of common words then chastising others for not accepting your definitions.

But not all forms of work are “service”, in common usage.

I simply do not agree with the common propagandized notion that military work is a type of work that can fairly be characterized as service.

I’m trying to get you to understand at this point, you just insulted a lot of vets and active *service *people over what is an abnormal definition of service.

You have a right to your opinion but dropping it in that thread was pretty damn inappropriate.

I haven’t chastised people for not ‘following my definitions’. Hell, I haven’t even chastized people for not agreeing with me that military shouldn’t be considered service.

What’s happening here is, I’m not immediately folding when people chastise me.

Why is it an insult if I fail to praise somebody for their military “service”? Why should anybody care what I think?

And barring…something, it presumably would have sunk beneath the surface without a ripple.

(…and lest the fun end, it’s now time for me to head home for the day.)