So Boston's gotten very young since my last visit!

I’m here this week at a conference and I’m realizing that either I’ve aged quite a bit since my last visit up here, or young executive types are just booming in this town. Walking back from Fanual (sp?) Hall I was amazed at how young everyone looked. I mean Geez I’m only 33 almost 34 and decently young looking but I feel like the people I’m walking among are at least 10 years younger in appearance at least. Now I’ve lived in places where appearance is uncommonly high on the cultural totem pole but I’ve just bumped boston up that latter quite a bit!

Anyone notice this about any other towns? Bostonites?

I have no idea what you’re talking about. Everyone seems to me to be a normal age.

normal age…LOL! :slight_smile:

I am not sure either. There are a few young people where I work but I would say the majority are like 24 or 25. People in their twenties are really all that is left to keep this town running. The last batch retired before the internet bubble burst and those older than them all planned well and went into semi-retirement in 1996. However, the way the economy is now, those twenty-somethings that you see now are going to still be working for at least ten more years so things aren’t going to stay this way forever.

It could be all the universities we have here. There are the huge obvious ones (Harvard, MIT, UMASS, BU) and then there are dozens of smaller ones. So there probably ARE lots of young people walking around…maybe more than many urban areas that aren’t so full of colleges.

However, I’m the same age you are and I hate to tell you this, but I think it’s you. My friends and I are realizing that it’s around this age you look around and notice you’re not “just out of college” anymore. It feels weird to tell people how long ago I graduated. It seems odd that the students I come across aren’t “my age.” So I tend be very aware right now that there are lots of people YOUNGER than me…in the community taking care of themselves and in the workforce.

You can’t really say the same thing when you’re 23. You’re either the youngest, or you can easily be confused as such.

I like to think I can still be easily confused. I like to play pretend a lot.

I work in Bean Town and I’d agree with Sexy. However, we just hired a kid…err…young man who has his masters at 22 years old. He’s on my team, and I find I have nothing in common with him even though I’m only in my early 30’s. I go out with my wife quite often in Town, and I do see quite a few people who are younger…