So Cal Dopefest Pictures

They are here.

The one of JellyBlue is missing and will be added shortly. As soon as my HP Photo and Imaging software stops acting up.

Dear God. What am I doing in that photo?

Oh, just snacking on your lower lip a little, looks like. Maybe you should have ordered an appetizer… :slight_smile:

Apologies to Beckwall & Beckwall. I took a picture, honest, but something hashed it all up and it came out just a kalaidoscope.

And, I corrected my OOPS! on Shayna’s board name.

I could have sworn one of these pictures had me smiling. I look like I’m about to leap across the table in that one.

Oh, aern’t those cute! :slight_smile:

Is that you, David, in the bottom right hand photo on page 11?

For those of you not in attendance, the Beckwalls just wanted you to know that we are incredibly tan, fit, happy and gorgeous (in a good and natural way, of course).

Thanks to all the photographers - just wondering where the “Coldfire graffiti” picture is???

Ummmmmm…I happen to LIKE posting on this board…And I’ve met ClogBoy and think the sentiment expressed on the graffitti was…well…misguided. Call it editor’s discretion.


We had a couple of affairs to attend. On Saturday the dopefest and on Sunday two wartime pals, their wives, and the two of us met at the Bluewater Grill in Redondo Beach for dinner. Just an added attraction with photos to show that we weren’t always decrepit geezers.