So, Dad, how did you like the IPad we gave you?

For a little more context: The link is to a video. It’s in French, but the gag is all visual, so you don’t need to know the language.


German. I think I translated everything which was clear enough to hear, in fact.

It’s all Greek to me.

That looks about right - my sister and brother-in-law desperately want to get my 70 year old mom and iPad, in spite of her having no interest at all in one - at least the guy in the video is getting some use out of his. :smiley:

my pops is 58 and bought himself an ipad on his own. still woefully underutilized though - he uses it as an e-reader and only plays the free versions of angry birds and greedy spiders.

I think it’s inherent in the nature of modern electronics that they get woefully underutilized. I mean, no matter how much you use a device for, there are always going to be oodles of other things you could use it for, but don’t.

And last year, I was at a craft show where one fellow was selling, in one corner of his booth, these beautiful wood-inlay cutting boards. In other corner of the booth, he had the exact same product, only being sold as mouse pads. I bought one from the second corner, and so technically, I cut my meats on a mouse pad (I use a different one for veggies).

Was it cheaper as a mousepad?

Nope, same price. I just happened to think that particular one looked a little better.

The old guy should download the vegetable shopping app.

“How could you spend $200 on a tip calculator?”


Just for some balance, my 84-year-old father-in-law ordered the iPad3 today and can’t wait to utilize all the features. He’s getting it with 3G, too. Granted, he is a scientist and has always kept up with the latest technology, but this is going to be all new to him and he can’t wait.

And you, Whippersnapper upthread, “pops” may be 58 but that’s not old. shakes cane

Nitpick: 4G. :slight_smile:

Rule 222 of the Internet: If it exists, there is an applicable Seinfeld reference.

I hit Random Video on that site and got this

That went very well with the music I was listnening to at that moment.

Do you suppose that was this girl enjoying a little music before she went to class? :smiley:

“Mine doesn’t have a seven!”

Since he lives in the boonies, I doubt there’s 4G there … but there might be. They just got 3G coverage in the last year.