So, did Castle drop the "F-bomb" the other day?

I just read on Wikipedia, in the …sigh…“fuck” article that Castle is the first show to use the word uncensored on American scripted network shows.

  1. Didn’t Family Guy slip this through awhile ago already?

  2. What did they say in Castle? What was the line?


Article here, though it may be edited if the “fact” isn’t true.

The “F” Word. :slight_smile:

American network TV is a funny animal. I can remember hearing the f-word on the CBC way back in the late 70s, and it has shown up from time to time since then without any great public outcry.

Doing a little research, are we? :smiley:

It was a repeat? I can’t see how that would work. Must be made up.

“The other day”? The season finale played two months ago.

I’m having a hard time believing this. There wasn’t an F-bomb when the episode originally aired in 2009, but they added one to a re-run the day after the Supreme Court ruled on “fleeting expletives”?

No fucking way. :slight_smile:

I just watched the original and heard it.

Except I didn’t.

The character says “I don’t know what the fight was about,” but it does sound a little like he says “I don’t know what the fuck it was about.”

The spurious assertion has now been removed from the Wikipedia article.

As if the FCC would have just let that go. I mean, really, use some logic.

I swear I heard a fuck-bomb on Battlestar Galactica a couple years ago. Not the Lorne Greene Battlestar Galactica; the other one.

The frak you did!

I’ve seen all the Castles and if it was said on that show, I didn’t catch it. That isn’t definitive, but I do think I would have heard it.

I don’t recall the episode, but after one of them there was some discussion that one of the actors mis-said a frak as the real deal. That’s the type of thing that you can imagine actually happening.


*Castle *does like to play games with it. I remember a recent episode where Becket meets an old friend of hers after many years apart. One of them says something relatively unbelievable, and the other one exclaims, “Shut the front door!”

What was it?

Uh, I don’t think Family Guy got in trouble when they did it. It was edited for the West Coast, but did air unbleeped on the East Coast. In fact, I saw it, even though I thought I imagined it.

Yeah, we discussed this at the time, but it was “frak”.

I agree it sounded similar when spoken quickly.

Anyone remember the episode?

As I recall, it was a CBC film called You’re Gonna Be Alright Jamie Boy back in the fall of 1976. The word “fuck” was used in the dialogue twice. Also, in once scene, one character called another a “milk-faced asshole”, and in another scene, a character was referred to as “a barrelful of shit.”

Those were heady times at the CBC; apparently the drama department had a new head who preferred producing works from Canadian plays over purchasing US programming, and several other “winners” of this type were produced.

Stacy London says that on What Not to Wear all the time, I think it’s become the standard TV phrase to use in that instance. Not that Castle isn’t wonderful, I’d never cast aspersions on the Continuing Career of Captain Tight Pants. :smiley:

In the extras of the DVD, there are interviews with the actors. In one of them Nathan Fillion casually uses the word fuck in one of his answers. He then remembers that Molly Quinn is sitting next to him and it’s funny to watch how embarassed he is because he swore in her presense.

I was watching Coupling (the good, British version) on PBS several years ago and they actually aired the word. I was stunned.

I thought maybe I’d misheard, but when I got the DVD that contained that episode, there it was.

Maybe the censor didn’t understand the English accent? The phrase was “fuck-me fork” describing a situation that this one girl was trapping Geoff into either sleeping with her or insulting her.

I can’t recall if the other uses of the work “fuck” were also allowed over air. I was probably still stunned from the first allowance…