So, did Lawrence Singleton start his mayhem only at age 50?

Story on his death.. If my math is correct, he was 50 or so at the time of his attack on Mary Vincent. He was paroled in 1987:eek:, killed another woman in 1997, then died of cancer on Florida’s death row at the end of 2001.

I’ve been unable to find any biographical information on him before his attack on Mary Vincent, though. Did he live a clean life up to that point?

His attack on Vincent is described as his first crime, and no one has come forward to say otherwise. As a merchant seaman, however, he could easily have spent the '50s and '60s brutalizing prostitutes in ports all over the world without getting a police record in the US. From the descriptions of his mental state, it’s hard to say that he would have described anything he did as noteworthy.

Not at all relevant to your question, but the title of the article below deserves to be writ large:

He served only eight years for a brutal rape-mutilation, and a decade later, he slipped through society’s safety bars again.

Eight fucking years! And some wonder why so many people are fed up with justice system?

When he was released after eight fucking years, imagine the terror Mary Vincent lived with. Knowing that the man who had raped and mutilated her was on the streets. The man who told her to her face at his trial that, “I’ll finish this job if it takes me the rest of my life”. No, you can’t imagine it.

Sorry for the hijack, but his ‘case’ makes me sick.

That’s a good point.

I think that’s pretty much anyone’s reaction when they hear about this case.

Well maybe a good idea might be to fight for civil commitment of majorly fucked up people.
Folks like this need one of those hospitals for the criminally insane. They don’t need regular prison.
They are fucked up sociopaths and that’s that!

Periodically, one of the local newspapers does a followup pieceon Mary Vincent. It’s been almost 7 years now since I’ve seen anything about her, but she was a struggling, very poor unemployed mother of 2 teen boys, and had developed a talent for drawing. I saw her once walking down the sidewalk carrying a grocery bag while I was driving in that area.