So does Bill Clinton have health insurance?

With former president Clinton now scheduled for coronary bypass surgery, I wonder?

How is the operation being paid for?

Do ex-presidents get medical coverage from the Federal Government?

Is he covered under a policy that Hilary Clinton presumably gets for being a Senator?

Or did he have to buy a COBRA plan when he left office?

You might not realize this, but it is possible to purchase medical benefits privately. It’s a little spendy, but rumor has it that Clinton is worth a few bucks.

That’s why I mentioned the COBRA policy.

But do ex-presidents have to fend for themselves for medical insurance or do they get lifetime benefits for holding the job?

My question is serious. I just asked it flippantly.

With Congress having one of the best (taxpayer funded) health care plans in the country, for the rest of their lives, I imagine former President’s are well covered as well.

I understand his wife has a job that includes health benefits perhaps he is covered under that.

I can’t speak to Mr. Clinton’s specific current health insurance plan, but I’m sure he’s covered under his wife’s insurance. COBRA would’ve expired in July, 2002, so it can’t be that. I’m also reasonably certain that, as an ex-president, he’s still eligible for care through the military health care system, although if he has insurance, that will still be billed.

All federal employees, including members of Congress, the President, and the Supreme Court justices are eligible for insurance through the Federal Employees Health Benefit program. The local mail carrier is eligible for the same insurance as the President, in fact.

That said, health insurance is covered under the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act, which governs privacy for all health information, including claims.


I assume it’s not coverage through the military hospitals since Clinton is at NYC’s Presbyterian Hospital.

Could President Bush ask to be treated someplace other than a military hospital?


Yup, as long as he’s got other insurance. As a practical matter, though, military hospitals are better equipped to provide the level of security than most hospitals can.