So does Ed Zotti = Cecil Adams?

This is the place for factual questions that can be answered and debunked as myths or not, no?

Reading many topics on here, I see that this is just one of the “known” things. Everyone seems to say that Ed is Cecil. Is this really, honestly true? Every topic I’ve read about it doesn’t really give an exact answer.

So honestly, is Ed really Cecil Adams? If he were, would he be allowed to admit to it? Or is this the case where everyone just knows he is, yet he would never be able to confirm it truthfully? Or has he outright said he is not Cecil before? If this is so, then why does everyone still think/say he is?

It’s confusing.

A heretic! To the pitchforks and torches!

Who is Santa Claus? Who is the Tooth Fairy?

enlightening and illuminating commentary

I testify that there is no columnist worthy to read but Cecil and that Ed Zotti is the editor of Cecil.

Yes, Virginia, there is a Cecil Adams.

In his book Biggest Secrets, 1993, William Poundstone says that Cecil is Ed. (page 33)

Okay, so burn me at the stake.

Yeah, well his sister Paula isn’t that much of a role model, why should I believe William?

This question has come up several times in last month or two. I’ll close this thread and direct further comment to one of the others: The Straight Dope on… Cecil Adams

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