So farewell then, "Top of the Pops".

Just heard on the radio that the BBC are, as I type, recording the last ever episode of “Top of the Pops”. Been going out weekly for 42 years.

I’d imagine that most British folk will have some fond memories of the show. My highlights: Nirvana’s eccentric performance of “Smells like teen spirit”, and All About Eve just sitting there looking about for a couple of minutes on live telly, not realising that they were supposed to be performing.

Yeah, I heard about this a while back. There goes my secret fantasy about preforming on TotP. I guess I’ll have to find something else to daydream about now.

Mandatory Thursday night viewing during my youth (right after Tomorrow’s World - or was it after?). Even Pan’s People and Legs, Inc. stir some fun memories.

Jimmy Saville’s crap hairdos and jumpers. DLT and Mike Read. My all-time favorite presenter was David “Kid” Jensen, though.

Favorite intro: the exploding records with Phil Lynott’s “Yellow Pearl” as the theme.

It was ToTP followed by Tomorrow’s World. Frankly that hour on Thursday was just about the only telly I watched as a child.

Nitpick: it was Legs & Co :cool:

Oh yeah… Wasn’t Legs, Inc. the ones who did “Funkytown?”

Lipps, Inc.

From back in the 70s, would the Sweet (hooray!) be on or Slade (boo!) or T-Rex (girl’s band) or Gary Glitter, remember when we used to like him?

I remember that! I also remember Motorhead doing Ace of Spades, various Smiths appearances (they didn’t do videos) and lots of Kate Bush :sigh:

I haven’t watched it in years it was always 95% crap and when did anyone last care about what was in the charts? I have caught it in passing, the last thing I saw on it was Evanescence – Bring me to Life WTF? something good on Top of the Pops in the 21st century who would have thought.

I was working as an engineer in the studio that day - they *did * know they were supposed to be performing - but as with nearly all TOTP “performances”, they were meant to just mime to the track which was being played through the studio’s sound system. Unfortunately the sound supervisor forgot to fade up the speakers on the studio floor so the band had nothing to mime to. Viewers could hear the track, but the band heard nothing.

There are plenty of websites which pay tribute to TotP and discuss favourite moments.

My selection would be the edition in which Dexy’s Midnight Runners performed* Jackie Wilson Said* with a large photo of darts player Jocky Wilson in the background.

Opinion is divided as to whether this was a mistake by someone or other, or whether the band suggested this as a joke.

Lip Sync?