So God, what did Antonio Puerta do wrong? R.I.P.

And avid Spanish football fan all my life, I’ve always kept an eye out for our younger international teams which have provided almost all of our satisfactions at the national team level whose nickname I proudly carry, La Furia Roja.

Lately, amongst some others, I’ve had my eye on Sevilla’s leftback/midfielder, 22 year old Antonio Puerta, who’d had some amazing performances both for his team as well as making his debut for the full NT. I was watching him play early Saturday (for me, about 10:00 PM Spanish Time) against Getafe in Spain’s Liga opening match, when all-of a sudden, about 20 minutes into the match he collapsed on a routine play whilst going back on defense. As serious and bizarre as it looked, the doctor and the paramedics got him back on his feet and he walked out of the stadium on his own two feet…only to collapse yet again shorty after reaching the dre4ssing room. This time, he’d never get-up again:

Sevilla’s Antonio Puerta dies in hospital

Spanish football reels after death of Puerta

“We’re all Sevilla supporters today…”

Sevilla midfielder Antonio Puerta dies

He was to become a father in six weeks, as his girlfriend of two years is about to deliver.

Just wondering, out of all the random and crazy deaths that occur everyday, why do people believe in these “gods” and their “goodness and love” and all the rest of that stuff? Sure, this is just one example – even if one that hit me pretty hard due to what I wrote before, some of these kids are like watchings lost sons grow at a distance – out of who knows how many totally senseless deaths today.

But why?

May your son or daughter accomplish at least half of what you did in such a short span in their hopefully extended lifetimes.

My heart goes out to your family and all of those that were privileged enough to know you.

Artista! Descansa en paz.

Maybe it was pre-emptive.

Most deaths are senseless, some are more senseless than others. That one sounds pretty unlikely to boot as he was so young and in great shape.


The deaths of the young and strong make me feel better about all the self-indulgent unhealthy behavior I’ve practised all these years. Yup, do what you like and don’t sweat the consequences – they will come get you regardless.

When I think of all the donuts I might not have eaten…