So, how about some second-echelon bands' Stairway to Heaven/Freebird?

I’ve always been fascinated not by big hits and big fame as much as the fleeting moments of greatness from the not-so-famous. To that end, what are some of your favorite anthems from less-than-superstar artists? I suppose second-echelon is debatable, so we shan’t quibble about that.

My nomination to get the ball rolling would be Never Been Any Reason by Head East. Sure it was a big hit, but Head East never became the words on the tips of the tongues of everyone from suburban teenagers to window washers…I saw them live a few times back in the day, and they were always opening for R.E.O. Speedwagon and the like.

So, what are yours?

ETA: I’m an idiot; please edit my title to read “Stairway”.

How about D.O.A by Bloodrock?

Good one!

There’s probably going to be some overlap with “one-hit wonders” in this thread…

The Final Countdown. Can’t get more anthemic than that, albeit hilariously cheezy, but I’ve never heard anything else by Europe.

"Green Grass and High Tides" – Outlaws

“Over And Over” by the MC5. Just as powerful as any Who song of the time, but much less appreciated.

Don’t be so hard on yourself. I read it as Stairway before I opened your thread or saw your note.

Lunatic Fringe by Red Ryder.

What’s Up? by 4 Non-Blondes.

You Get What You Give by New Radicals.

Epic by Faith No More.

Everybody Have Fun Tonight by Wang Chung.

Hair of the Dog by Nazareth–Back in the day, this was often dedicated dedicated to our Defense at the post-game victory dances.

Ashes Are Burning - Renaissance

Are we just looking for “one hit Seventies FM rock wonders”?

That would have to include:

“Hocus Pocus” by Focus

“Black Betty” by Ramjam

Turn Up the Radio by Autograph

Despite his unsavory reputation, I still like Gary Glitter’s Rock and Roll, Part 2.

“Shine” by Collective Soul. It was their first hit; it was different and catchy. Maybe not exactly anthemic, but I loved that song when it came out and still enjoy hearing it to this day. Everything they did after that was dull, second-rate derivitave grunge.

On the one-hit-wonder front, IMO Lee Michaels’ “Do You Know What I Mean” and the Georgia Satellites’ “Keep Your Hands To Yourself” both deserve Rock Anthem status.

On the one-hit-wonder front, IMO Lee Michaels’ “Do You Know What I Mean” and the Georgia Satellites’ “Keep Your Hands To Yourself” both deserve Rock Anthem status.[/QUOTE]

Never. Lee Michaels must be expunged from the collective awareness of all mankind! Burn everything he has ever touched, much less recorded. I actually sprained a finger once stabbing the radio controls when his “music” came on.

Fantasy - Aldo Nova (did you realize that he’s since produced for, and recorded with, Celine Dion? Talk about a style change…)

No Time To Lose - Tarney-Spencer Band

*Sister Christian *by Night Ranger.

  • Flirtin’ with Disaster* - Molly Hatchet.

You and your finger are both wrong. :slight_smile:

“Radar Love” - Golden Earring
“Black Betty” - Ram Jam
“Louie Louie” - The Kingsmen

(Hocus Pocus was an excellent earlier response)

“Band A Gong” - T Rex
“She’s A Beauty” - The Tubes
“Paradise By The Dashboard Light” - Meat Loaf