So how do you like your martinis?

My answer is either exactly the same as yours, or “traded in for a Manhattan”.


What color are red peppers on your planet?

I’ll have a very dry Tanqueray martini with a twist, please.

Any any thread on martinis needs a link to former moderator Manhattan’s report on: Why did James Bond want his martinis shaken, not stirred? It is a classic example of staff reporting above and beyond the call of duty.

I don’t mean unnatural in the real sense, I mean unnatural as in “eeew I don’t like the color!” But mostly I hate their sliminess.

Well, I like mine dirty. 2:1 Beefeater gin or Tanqueray gin, and Noilly Prat dry vermouth, with a blue cheese stuffed olive and a little brine. I will have my next one in about three years, I imagine. :frowning:

I approach the vermouth the same way as jackelope–swish it around in the glass then pour it out. I keep my gin in the freezer to avoid any meltwater. I garnish with a single olive. The olive is the part I vary–sometimes I go with a good old pimiento stuffed olive, but more often something more exotic, like jalepeno or garlic.

Strangely, I detest olives, but cannot have a martini without one.

I really want a martini now.

Tanqueray martini, 3-1, 2 olives, shaken,

There’s only one true martini: A Godiva Chocolate Martini

1 1/2 shots Godiva® chocolate liqueur
1 1/2 shots creme de cacao
1/2 shot vodka
2 1/2 shots half-and-half

Mix all ingredients in a shaker with ice, shake and pour into a chilled martini glass.

What? I’m just f’ing around… :wink: Bombay Sapphire with a splash of vermouth and shaken. Served with olives on the side, to maximize the amount of martini that makes it from the shaker to the glass.

Personally I’ve stopped drinking them, but I still make them for the wife. Her favorite:

4 oz. Three Olives or Ketel One vodka
.5 oz. Noilly Prat dry vermouth
splash brine
two olives, preferably vodka-soaked and jalapeño stuffed

Shaken well with good ice.

So I take it you don’t drink martinis when you go out.

Anyway I makes them at home with about 2.25 oz Bombay Sapphire .75oz Dry vermouth and olives. In fact I am drinking just such a potion right now in celebration of gossiping about drinks. I am currently using Mezzetta garlic stuffed olives.

Martinis are an old man drink so you need olives with a really strong taste because years of boozing and cigars have ruined our taste buds to all but the strongest of tastes. One of the better martinis I have had was gin vermouth and blue cheese stuffed olives.

If you click on the " Episode 025 - Martini" link in the middle he goes on for about 1/2 an hour on martinis and how they evolved from something with some weird old sweet gin and sweet vermouth to modern gin and a little dry vermouth. It is interesting if you like that sort of thing. His whole series of podcasts are pretty good if you like listening to some guy give his opinions on cocktails.

I don’t drink martinis. I drink Gibsons, which are martinis for people who are especially anal-retentive. (Anyone not as anal-retentive as a Gibson drinker would order “a martini, but with a couple of onions instead of an olive.”)

8:1 Bombay Sapphire, preferably, or Tanq or Beefeater in a pinch:dry vermouth.

Shake with ice.

Pour into a glass over a pick holding exactly four small onions or two large ones.


Eat onions.

Kiss significant other for facial-expression purposes.

Beefeater on the rocks. Now that’s what I call a martini.

I had been mixing mine 4:1, using regular Bombay, but on a whim I recently tried about 3:1, or maybe even a little less than that, and found I actually liked it better, for it tasted the way they did when I first started making them. I must have been gradually increasing the proportion of gin without realizing it. IMHO, an appreciable amount of vermouth brings out the flavor of the gin.

I always shake them using a single-drink sized shaker, and then instead of using the strainer I slightly “crack” the shaker like an egg and pour into a martini glass from the middle. This allows a few chips of ice to sneak in, which I like.

take vodka out of fridge, put 2 shots, more or less, in a shaker, add two ice cubes, shake for 15 seconds, pour into glass, minus ice cubes, add four olives, wave the vermouth bottle around the glass…enjoy.

When ordering in a bar or restaurant: “I’d like a VERY dry Tanqueray* martini, straight up, ONE olive, VERY cold.”

I don’t give a damn if they shake it or stir it, so long as I don’t get a lukewarm cocktail, which happens sometimes. I specify one olive because I’ve had drinks in which my precious, precious gin is displaced by two or three enormous unpitted olives. For some reason, this tends to happen in the state of Florida.

In any case, after years of martini-drinking, I’ve learned to only order them in New York City, San Francisco, and Chicago, where they understand martinis. In other places I drink other drinks.

At-home martinis are a quick splash of Noilly-Prat and a large measure of Gordon’s over LOTS of ice in the cocktail shaker, shaken and strained into a chilled sorbet glass (looks like a cocktail glass but lacks a stem…you grab it by the base) with one toothpicked Holiday House green olive pitted and stuffed with an anchovy.
*(occasionally Sapphire or Beefeater)

Ketel One vodka, very dry, two olives, no pimentos, stirred and extra cold.
I’m not too particular on most of those, but that’s ideal to me. (I can’t have gin martini’s)
Like Ukulele Ike I’ve gotten used to not ordering martinis in normal restaraunts, and never order except to the bartender him/herself.

Blue cheese-stuffed olives are great in a dirty martini, but not a regular one.

According to Dale Degroff, the French Martini (vodka, Chambord and pineapple juice) was “One of the sparks that got the cocktail-as-martini craze started” (p148) along with the Cosmopolitan.

After those horrible ads with the guy with the sword carving a glass out a a hunk of ice. I think I might need to switch aways from Bombay Sapphire gin. Has anyone else seen these?

Shaken, not stirred. :o
with GIN!! :mad:
Stuffed olives, a must. :cool:
Pimento or blue cheese :smiley:

Served out of a nymphomaniac’s navel.

Oh, I don’t know. While in Washington DC once, I remember ordering one the way I like it. It was perfect. I remember ordering a second. It was perfect too.

After that, I don’t remember much else… :slight_smile: