So, how is that @ thing supposed to work anyway?

Whenever I try to reply or refer to another Doper in a post using the @username convention, it never seems to work the way I expect. When I type the @ character, it shows me a list of user names (which I thought was supposed to be everyone who had already posted in the thread). And as I type the user name the list shrinks to match what I’ve typed, but here’s the thing – it never shows me the name of the user I’m looking for. I wind up having to type the entire user name in.

So, am I doing this wrong, or just not understanding how it is supposed to work?

If you are, then so am I. You’d think it would prioritize users in the thread or at least narrow it down by elimination as you type like a Netflix search.

Hey there @Shoeless well it seemed to work when I did it, idk.

When I type @, I get the 3 of you as the only options.

Same here, but it’s the first time it’s ever worked for me. Maybe it has something to do with the length of the thread.

The username search is broken, there’s a big discussion of it in this thread:

Ah thanks @DemonTree (yes, it worked that time, but it’s a short thread with only four usernames in the list). So my best bet is to just type @ and look through the list - anything I type after that and all bets are off.

I figured this was probably covered in one of the early Discourse how-to threads, but searching for just the @ character is not terribly helpful.