many shots of novocaine?

Yea it sucked. Took 6 or 7 to totally numb me originally. Then he realized half way through that I could feel again even though it didn’t hurt. Told me not to be a hero and gave me the rest.

Seems that it runs in the family, I told my mom about it and she said she’s the same way. Takes a lot to numb and we seem to burn through it quickly.

“Novocaine” has become like “Kleenex” - a brand name used for a general product. Dentists may use any of several local anesthetics, depending on what kind of procedure they’re doing. Lidocaine will usually suffice, but a few years ago, I had some fillings replaced and that dentist used a long-acting local anesthetic I had never heard of, and when she said it was long-acting, she wasn’t kidding; I had the procedure in the early morning and the numbness didn’t wear off until well in the afternoon. That was almost as unpleasant as the procedure itself!

Novocaine is a brand for procaine, which is rarely used any more. It’s most commonly found in long-acting penicillin injections; not only does it reduce the pain at the injection site, it attaches to the penicillin molecule and makes the drug stay in the body for days instead of (no, I’m not kidding here) minutes. If anyone here has ever had one of those humongous shots for syphilis, that’s what’s in it, and there are other, less powerful preparations out there too.

Everyone is different.
My dentist had to use the maximum amount of Novocain when working on my teeth. And is surprised that I can still fill his working on me.

I had a prostrate biopsy and by the time the doctor finished poking me I was considering poking him with any sharp instrument. And do not get me started on oxycodone or morphine, I can not believe anyone would take that crap voluntarily.

But everyone is different.