So how should I raise my Barbarian? D2LoD

So, I’m playing Diablo 2 Lord of Destruction and I’m getting owned by these other guys. A paladin, a Sorc., and I just feel so bad. I mean, I’m getting owned and I’m a barbarian. My Barb, or well, The Surb’s (my father) barb is a level 73 and, although he still has some room for improvement, is pretty much done. We’ve put alot into everything and no one thing is his mastery.

So, I’m thinkin about starting a barb of my own. I REALLY like the barb so I’m sure thats what I’ll pick. Hopefully there are some Straight dopers that play D2.

If so, any tips on how I should raise my Barb (skills, techniques,abilities)?

I was hoping one of our current Diablo 2 players would answer this first since I haven’t played it since WoW came out, but…

Don’t spread out your skills, use the synergy bonuses. Frenzy barbs are good (at least they were).

You can check this thread is you have a couple of days to kill (it’s a bit long). I would imagine some of the stuff is a bit outdated, but it should give you some help.