So, I almost served us cat food for dinner.

Oh hell yeah. And the dog. Really, it should have been a tip-off - the cats are always VERY interested in whatever I’m cooking, but that time they were practically climbing my legs.

My mother made the classic mistake of warming the dog’s food in the microwave and then stirring it and licking the spoon.

My brother tried the dog treats on a dare and continued to eat them on occasion. He liked the doggie donuts.

They don’t use much salt, because salt can be a real health problem for cats. Cat’s really shouldn’t eat a lot of people food.

As a kid, I tried each of the flavors of our flavored dog biscuits. Vegetable flavor was the clear winner.

Thanks for making that distinction, it’s very important to the image I was getting! :smiley:

Maybe people should eat more cat food, on account of it being so healthy. I think I could really go for some cat food right now, with salt of course :wink:

Aren’t horses or goats sometimes given saltlicks? If anyone here owns a horse, can you post how horse food tastes like? Inquiring minds want to know!

I once read a guy who was talking about how to stock up on survival rations on the cheap. He said to go to some place like WalMart and buy some ten pound sacks of dry catfood, a box of plastic garbage bags, a roll of duct tape, and a plastic garbage can. He said to tape the sacks into the garbage bags and then put them into the can and seal it with tape. He said that dry catfood would last for years this way and that if you had some major disaster you could live off catfood for several months with no major medical problems.

If he were to buy a few cases of ketchup he’d have a winning combination.

I thought the story was going to end with building a trap to catch cats for food. That seems more survivalist-y.

Yep. Horses and cows and such need salt licks. I have a salt block in a holder in each of my horses’ stalls and another they can share in the outside run-in.

I haven’t tried my horses’ grain, although it smells lovely – it’s got molasses in it. Horses adore molasses. I did try nibbling different brands of horse cookies a couple of times but found them dry and bland. But when I buy gingersnaps for them (horses love gingersnaps) we share the box. :smiley:

Give a survivalist a cat and he eats for a day. Teach a survivalist to trap cats, and he eats for a lifetime.

This isn’t a mistake I personally made, but my dad made it… and it’s a doozy.

Every Christmas season, my mom would make home made butter cream frosting and put it in Tupperwares until she made the cookies. Well, one of the containers she put it in that year was an empty margarine tub. My dad was making Mac and Cheese and thought the container of frosting was whipped butter and added a larger-than-average portion ("because it’s whipped… you need more to make up for all the air!).

Well, we had been whining all day about how cold it was and how bored we were, so when we complained that the frosting-mac-and-cheese was nasty, he insisted that we were going to eat it and like it. We refused, and he eventually ate a spoonful of it to show us it wasn’t bad… and the he realized it was.


“You kids stop whining or it’s macaroni and frosting for supper!”

I worked in a family-owned pet store for many years. The woman who owned it said you should never feed your pets something you were unwilling to eat yourself. So she sampled every new food we carried, just one little nibble, and was able to compare them all based on their actual taste. And she could tell when one was not gonna be liked by pets, or when it was loaded with bribary–sugars and salts–to get the pets to eat more than was good for them. On her example I tried a nibble here and there. Generally, bland and gritty, but never really nasty or gross. I never tried the fish food though . . .


Oh, I did when I was a kid. It’s pretty good, actually. (The flake kind, not the freeze dried worms!)

I don’t remember it, but my mom tells this story about me. One day when I was still an infant, Mom lost track of me while I was playing in the backyard. It was fenced in so I couldn’t have gone far, but she couldn’t find me anywhere. Finally she checked inside the doghouse, and there I was, sitting next to our beagle and happily sharing its dry dog food.

My cats are very discerning. In addition to eating cat food they will also consume halibut, pastrami, smoked salmon, tomato sauce, yogurt, tuna and items like chicken wings.

So by that definition I suppose I really can say that I’ve eaten cat food.


My mom was a very bad 1970’s cook. Diet coke on baked apples and wheat germ in everything else. To this day I can’t stand the taste of diet coke or anything that hints of wheat germ.

Alfalfa pellets – nothing special, sort of like the taste from chewing on a blade of grass or alfalfa. No real exciting taste.

Corn or oats – not much different. The corn is harder, drier, and less sweet than human corn. The oats is also harder, drier, and sharper, but once chewed, tastes similar to oatmeal. But bland, without the salt, brown sugar, butter, etc. that we put on oatmeal.

Prepared mixed (sweet) feed – smells great, probably from the molasses. Doesn’t taste as good as it smells. Rather rough, dried texture, and even with the molasses, rather bland to humans.

Surprising to realize how much our human food is flavored with sugar, salt, and spices.

Old family story:

My father, about age 10, fed the cat some canned cat food. But only half the can (it was an expensive luxury back then); the other half went into a bowl on a shelf in the pantry off the kitchen.

That afternoon, his older sister, my aunt Hazel, comes into the kitchen where Grandma was entertaining neighbor women, with the bowl & a spoon in her hands, and says “Ma, this is absolutely the worst mincemeat you’ve ever made!”. Saying “absolutely the worst — you’ve ever made” still gets a laugh at family gatherings. And all of the original participants have been dead & buried for at least 20 years.

I tried one of my dog’s liver-flavored glucosamine tablets to see why she didn’t like them. In retrospect, sampling something even a dog won’t eat was not the best idea- I thought I’d never get the taste out of my mouth.
We get her the dried chicken ones now. She likes them, so I haven’t tried one.