So, I almost served us cat food for dinner.

Seriously. I’m telling all of you because I can’t tell my boyfriend because he’d never eat anything that came out of my kitchen ever again!

At one time, I was really committed to making raw food for my cats. Meat grinder, supplements, meaty bones, liver, hearts, all that. I haven’t done it in a while because it’s pretty labor intensive. I went to the freezer looking for something to make for dinner and I picked up what I assumed was ground beef. It wasn’t labeled, but hell, what is?

So I defrosted it (took FOREVER in the sink under cold water) and started frying it up with onions and such. It had a funny texture, but, you know, frozen. Finally I noticed it wasn’t turning ground beef colored. It didn’t smell odd (you’d think it would because of the organ meats) but I slowly started to get this idea… went to the freezer and compared the other bags… oh god. GROSS. See, usually I put the cat food in Gladware things, but I guess at one point I ran out.

Unfortunately, I figured it out AFTER I put a bunch of spices in, so I guess we’ll see if the cats dig chili powder. GROSS GROSS GROSS I ALMOST ATE GROUND UP BONES AND THINGS. (Nothing really bad in there, but I’m not a big organ meat fan, and BONES.)

Please tell me the gross disgusting kitchen mistake you’ve made?

My dad ate catfood once. We fed our guys Cat Chow, which used to (or still does?) come in boxes that were roughly the size of a Grape-Nuts box. Dad got up in the middle of the night for a snack, and without turning on the light, poured himself a bowl of “cereal”. Took a big spoonful before he realized what it was.

He dumped it out, but said that in retrospect, it wasn’t that bad.

Back in the early 80s when Donkey Kong was a major arcade game, two friends of mine and I went to a convenience store to lay DK and Centipede (or whatever that games was called). We bought some Gummy Bears and my friends asked about the box of cookie chunks by the cashier. The cashier said they were free samples of dog biscuits. “Free?” my friend asked.

So he ate a couple of dog biscuits, just because. He said they were really bland and didn’t think dogs would be attracted to them.

I made omelettes using eggnog that my mom had conveniently stored in a regular milk carton. Had I known, I suppose I could’ve gone with sweet, french-toast-tasting; however I had already sauteed the shrooms, peppers and onions. Bleeccchhh!

Not me, but a few years back my sister was making Boca Burgers for her and my mom. Later, when cleaning up, my mom realized that instead of using Pam to grease the pan with, my sister used …drumroll please…

Easy Off

In a Psych class the prof fed us samples of various snack foods for us to name, as he assumed we couldn’t tell the difference without the labels. There was one, Noughts and Crosses with white sparkles, I didn’t bother trying, asking on my form, “What’s so special about Special Dinners?”

I’m a dog owner, but I knew cat food when I saw it.

I talked up the Disgusting Kitchen Mistake to such an extent that when Himself heard it was just catfood he laughed. He was expecting maggots and greeness and all sorts of revolting theater.

Oddly, while the result was actually really good, he didn’t like it at all - I ended up making a noodle skillet sort of thing with meatloaf mix (beef and pork) instead of just beef, 'cause that’s what was really in the freezer, and I think he just didn’t like the pork. I was surprised that it was really good - I just threw a bunch of stuff in because I felt so grossed out about the whole thing that I didn’t think I’d eat it at all. Wish I’d written it down now.

I can tell you’re not Asian because otherwise you would love grounded up bones and organ meats! :smiley:

I’ve had the canned cat and dog food before. I wanted to try it since they smelled so good. Unfortunately, these foods seem like they put a lot of smell into it to attract the animals but don’t bother to put any salt in it!! It was a bland, tasteless mess, like SPAM with less salt. I’m sure I could have added enough to make it taste good though.

Also tried the dried crunchy things before, equally tasteless. Someone in the pet food factory has got to discover using salt! :mad:

Stephen Colbert ate canned cat food on his show once. It looked pretty real to me, and yet he seemed to survive.

I’ve tried Milkbones before - they would have been okay if they had salt in them, yeah.

I remember when canned tuna just started being available in water. First one I tried seemed like it was cat food that somehow got mislabled.

As for mistakes, one time I made brownies and forgot the sugar. Was too chicken to try the results but, on retrospect, it probably wouldn’t have been so bad with frosting.

My mom had freezer identification issues as well.

I came home from college on year and got in pretty late. Dinner was long done, but she wanted to make sure I got something to eat as moms do. So she grabbed some frozen chili from the freezer and heated it up for me, And went to bed
After the first bite I was thinking it was some of the blandest and worst chili I have tasted, but didn’t want to insult her by going into the kitchen to fix it.

After a couple more bites my brain put in together, but I decided what the hell and just ate my steaming bowl of Tomato chutney.

My dad once ate some cat treats. My mom had bought some Chef’s Blend treats for her cat, and kept them in the pantry. Dad went looking for a snack, and thought they were some kind of snack food. He only found out when he wanted more of them and asked her to buy some more. I guess they weren’t too bad, if he wanted more of them.

We keep the cat food and treats strictly separate from the human food in our house.

I like to think of myself as an adventurous eater. So I decided one day to see what cat food tasted like. I couldn’t bring myself to try wet cat food. The odor makes me gag. But I figured I could try the dry food with no problem.

Well, I had a surprisingly hard time bringing it to my mouth. Seriously, I was determined to try it, but something inside me said no. It was weird. Just the thought that it was “cat” food was a big obstacle.

Finally, I forced the kibble into my mouth. Crunch. At first, nothing. Then all of a sudden, my body just revolted, even though I hadn’t swallowed. I spent ten minutes scraping kibble gunk off my molars with my fingernails, and brushed my teeth thouroughly.

I still don’t count dry cat food as something I’ve sampled because I didn’t swallow it.

Now, I’m no wuss when it comes to strange foods. I’ve eaten chocolate covered crickets and mealworms. The mealworms were a little barnyardy tasting but the crickets were good and I’d eat them again. Crickets are nice and crunchy, but the shells get stuck in your teeth like popcorn.

But just the thought that what I was eating was “cat” food rather than “human” food, even though it was made of the same “stuff” as “human” food, was enough to totally gross me out.
I really would rather eat bugs, something not usually on my menu, than something made for cats. Even though I love cats, and don’t find them disgusting at all.

Food taboos are strange things.

My wet cat food sometimes smells better than canned human stew. I mean, canned stew FOR humans, not canned stew OF humans. The cans of beef chunks in gravy are probably healthier to eat than canned stew since the sodium in them is so low. Two Many Cats, you’ve got me wondering now, if I could eat my cats’ food.

The worst thing I can think of I’ve made recently was a cheese sauce - it turned into one big glob of gross cheese, and oily curdy water around it. Blech.

I’ve tried the dog’s biscuits. Pretty tasteless, I can’t see why she wants them so much. For some reason, I never thought to try the cat food.

The worst thing I ate by accident were some leftovers I discovered in our refrigerator one day. I was about twenty, and assumed my boyfriend’s mother had stopped by to leave us some food. It was okay, but a little while later my stomach felt kind of nervous, so I asked my boyfriend, “Hey, what was up with that corn and rice stuff in the refrigerator?” He answered, “Oh, Steve left that in my car the other day when I gave him a ride to work. I didn’t want to throw it out until trash day in case it stunk up the house.” cue barf

Another friend said later, “Hey Julie, I didn’t want to tell you this, but it wasn’t corn and rice to start off with. It was only corn.” I was forced to punch him for that, but it was still pretty funny.

Heck, there was an episode of either “That’s My Line” or whatever the other one was called, where the chef actually used dog food in his recipes to make cheap gourmet meals. The entire panel tried some. It could have been a joke, but I don’t think they clarified.

Still, I don’t think it’s that big a deal. The only reason I’d be hesitant about eating cat or dog food is the lack of regulation. Most of it smells like it would taste great if properly seasoned to human tastes.

So did the cats eat it?

We serve apple crisp often at work. One time the cooks accidentally used Italian seasoned bread crumbs instead of regular bread cumbs. They were going to throw it out but we decided to play a prank on one guy. He was always mooching food in the kitchen.

So we told him they had made a big tray of apple crisp and would he like a dish. He of course said yes so we gave him the apple crisp and all sat back waiting for his reaction.

But his reaction was to eat the entire dish without any noticeable problem. So we offered him seconds. He ate that as well. So we offered him thirds. And he ate that too. Finally we couldn’t stand it any longer.

“Did you notice anything strange about that apple crisp?”
“It was made with Italian seasoning! Couldn’t you taste that difference?”
“Well, now that you mention it, it did have a lot of garlic flavor.”
“But that didn’t stop you from eating three dishes of it.”

There are several posts bemoaning the salt-free taste of pet foods. There is probably something biological about not feeding pets too much salt but, as my wife said when I said I should cut down on salt as everybody else was, “That’s why God gave you kidneys.” OTOH, at dinner tonight she served a mix of creamed and regular corn, both without added salt (and tasteless), but it was more than matched by the ham.