So I busted up a political rally this week...

I work at a junior college. On Wednesday nights I am the evening administrator, which means I mainly deal with drunk people or malfunctioning things. One time I had to help aprehend a 15 year old prostitute that was giving her services whilst dressed up as Tinkerbell, wings and all. One time, I had to retrieve a stolen Mac laptop from the roof. This time, I busted up a political rally that was about to turn violent because a bus unloaded into the wrong room.

A semi local third party ultra conservative political group had been renting out our conference center to hold its meetings, which have been getting louder and louder. At one point, some of them started to bring guns to the meeting, which is illegal, but they had reverted to the “gun holster chic” look which was fine. We have a basketball team that has some African American and Hatian players on it, and they unloaded their bus for what was to be a team meeting in the small conference room next door.

Well the basketball kids went into the wrong room, and walked into a big huge crowd of people up and cheering and God blessing the American flag. The man with the microphone on the podium said “Who let the niggers in?” followed by a cheer, and other mixed calls of “welfare” and “anti-christ president” and “socialism”. So I got called and had to break them up. I had to shut off the AV system and the police got called, and I was told “I was going to get mine commie.”


Did we get collectively more retarded as a nation in the past two years? So after lots of paperwork later, we will no longer be able to hold political events on the property besides voting. So in other words, I don’t get to watch any more political debates on the big ass 5 foot by 8 foot inch projector.

Did you guys get involved with any crazy political stuff this week on accident?

What an ugly and sad story. :frowning:

I was half expecting Fox News to be there filming the whole thing. It was sad.

Don’t worry. I’m sure that someone will be along to tell you that this man at the microphone was in no way representative of his group, and it is incredibly intolerant of you to assume. He probably got up there by accident. And the people cheering simply mis-heard him, and were calling out “we need to look after the common welfare”

“whoever is anti christ must also be anti the president”.

“A limited amount of socialism is OK”

Why are you so intolerant of other people Translucent Daydream? Are you some kind of Nazi?

I’m just a commie asshole, I guess.

I wanna hear more about Tinker-hooker.* What does that say about me?

  • Kinkerbelle? Help me out here…

Yeah. The story went all to hell after that. :smiley:

Sorry, but it’s not clear exactly what you had to break up. Just the meeting? A scuffle between the two groups?

I can certainly imagine how things could have got physical between these groups, but if that’s what happened–and then the police were called–I would have expected several arrests on each side.

On the other hand, if there was no fight, presumably you were just responding to a complaint about the N-word?

Here she is, plying her wares on the street…

and this is after the bust went down.

Thanks, uh, I guess…

(debating whether or not to click on the “See more tinkerbell prostitute pictures” link)

Rule whatever the number* in action, I guess.

Aw hell, I’m gonna click it, I just got some brain bleach at the store; how bad can it be? :slight_smile:

34? Am I close?

ETA:Clicked it, big disappointment

If you believe in fairy hookers, your hands got clap.

There’s Twinkerbell, but that would be a male hooker.

You know, Fox News isn’t quite as troubling as a public employee shutting down a political rally (with the cops in tow!) in a limited public forum that they had duly reserved because they espoused views you don’t care for (and this really seems to be the only offense they committed).

Were I in your shoes, I might have kicked this up to someone who was better informed about the First Amendment rights at issue here (and I wouldn’t expect you so to be; that’s not your job after all, and the school should have anticipated this eventuality earlier on). But the facts are what they are; and alas, absent an physical intimidation or imminent disorderly conduct, I don’t think you made the right call.

Wow, Kimmy, unless you’re a member of that group - and it sounds like you quite possibly are - then you’re just Monday morning quarterbacking here. Maybe you should stay under the bench if that’s your best judgment.


There wasn’t a fight or anything, it was mainly just some middle aged white people going off on a tear about some black kids in basketball uniforms wondering in. We have a strict racially motivated hate speech intolerance policy here.

I probably should have bought them a beer too.


Look I don’t care what people do, but they cannot break college policy and the agreement that they signed (which prohibits such behavior) on our campus. THey can sell their hate anywhere they want but not here.

Yeah, I know college policy is important. So is the Constitution. If you don’t like it, sweetheart, you could take a job in private enterprise, but if you’re going to be a government employee, I’m going to have to insist that you observe the mandates of the First Amendment.

So I get up out of my office and go to get a Dr. Pepper. The machine spits out two bottles instead of one, and since I can’t get the accounts office to take the soda back, I walk over to the assistant dean of student’s office to share the bounty of my Dr. Pepperness. As I bust into his office, Tinkerbell has her back to me, wings out, in handcuffs, getting her rights read aloud to her. I stop, dean waives me off and mouths to me “I will tell you later come back.”

Apparently she was getting it on under the security cameras with large groups of men in the atrium of one of the main buildings on campus after 5:00 PM.

Apparently she was also getting paid to visit the back seats of cars in the parking lot.

Apparently she was involved in some sort of sexual tirade with a dude dressed up as William Wallace on the baseball field.
Apparently she was several years underage as well.

I haven’t heard anything else about it and that was some years back. There is a large World of Warcraft fanbase here as well, and staged recreactions of epic battles with level 80 warlocks or whatever happen around here on a regular basis often ending in large displays of magical prowess, up to and including food coloring / dish soap in the fountains and cloaks and ponytails flying through the physics labs.

I am sorry, I don’t follow you here. If you sign paperwork on a legally binding contract saying that you won’t engage in prohibited behavior at a particular venue that you have reserved, and you go ahead and engage in that behavior anyway, you can just scream constitution?

That sounds as looney as the people I kicked out.