So i decided to play Minecraft

Foxes and rabbits also jump high enough to be hard to contain. And rabbits have some weird bug where they get “stuck” sometimes.

I haven’t seen goats, yet. I mostly built a zoo in the square dance server, but that was pre the introduction of goats. Of all the new animals, i think the only one I’ve seen is the glow squid.

Glow squids are surprisingly easy to find.

I haven’t seen a goat, either. Or if I did I didn’t notice it wasn’t a sheep. I do have a lot of donkeys and llamas around, and I don’t know what to do with them.

My effort to build a max height tower has now gotten to the point that at no time or condition is the top of the tower not partially greyed out by distance when viewed from the ground. They raised the max height more than I’d thought. I’ve lost track of how many blocks high it is.

If you like building things, and like space, you could try Kerbal Space Program. It lets you build rockets, fly them, and run missions like Mission Control. There are mods that let you automate some things, like doing the actual flying, so you can concentrate on the parts of the game you enjoy the most.

There are different game modes as well. You can just play as a sandbox game that lets you use all the parts, or you can use Science Mode, where you have to complete missions to unlock science points to research new parts, or a full economic mode, where you also have to earn money to pay for your rockets. All of them have their fun aspects.

There are also challenge modes, where you re-create historical space programs, or proposed future space programs.

I think they only spawn in mountains. I haven’t gone climbing, yet. I haven’t really explored any of the new mountains and caves, honestly, since i started this game in 1.17, and have mostly stayed in areas that were already generated when i upgraded to 1.18. I kinda want to go to the end and get elytra before i do a lot of other exploring.

I do have some pretty substantial hills around and the pigs and cows will stand around on steep cliff faces like those goats that climb old Roman dams in defiance of gravity. It’s hilarious.

Painful memories of the last time I played this. The exhaustive wiki which I highly recommend.

From what I can gather, you’re playing on Peaceful level. This is good. Peaceful is your friend. I know everyone here’s raring for you to go balls to the wall on Normal, but trust me, the best way to get things done is to not die every 15 seconds. Worked fine for me.

The only problem, which you’ll learn once you get serious about the crafting aspect, is that not everything is obtainable from mines, plants, or harmless beasties. Even something as simple as string (required for bows and various devices) can only be had from spiders, which only come out at night on Easy (remembering that “Easy” in a video game is “Probably Won’t Kill You, But Update Your Will Just In Case” in most other recreational activities) or harder. And fighting enemies at night is when the fun really begins! :grimacing:

"The fun" - Scenario 1

  1. A rampaging thermonuclear apocalyptic humanity slaughtering goddess of absolute global annihilation “witch” shows up.
  2. She throws a potion at you.
  3. You die in five seconds.
  4. Maybe eight. It’s been a while.

"The fun" - Scenario 2

  1. You get spotted by one of those zombies that reduces your food level, and if you’re shaking your head at the very concept of that, buckle up.
  2. You struggle horribly to both gorge every scrap of food in your inventory and fight it and the other hunger zombies that show up, kind of like the most messed up Pac-Man ripoff ever.
  3. This continues until you either lose the struggle and die or Scenario 1 happens.

"The fun" - Scenario 3

  1. You get hounded by second-tier killers… skeleton archers, creepers, Endermen, the aforementioned spiders, etc.
  2. Man, are they supposed to hit that hard?
  3. Keep at it until you’re dead or Scenario 1 or 2 pans out.

You’re thinking of tackling the Nether. It has stuff like ghasts and blazes. It is worse than overland at night. I died repeatedly every time I was in the Nether. On the PS3 version… the only one I didn’t royally despise… I made extensive preparations for the Nether and still got whacked dozens of times.

See, the thing you need to understand about any long-running video game, especially in the age of live service and always-online, is that the programming staff is constantly trying to tip the scales of power against the player. (I noted in this journal how Ubisoft first put a +51 floor on all area levels, then reduced power-up sockets, then made certain attacks less effective… and on… and on… and on… and on… :scream:) The usual step is to “nerf” anything that’s overpowered. In the case of Minecraft, however, the player has the power to alter the environment itself, and there’s no way to take that away without completely wrecking the whole point of the game. So the team worked the other end. Tougher enemies. More aggravating enemies. Deadlier enemies. Most hostile biomes. And if that’s not enough, make them even harder… and even harder… and even harder. Oh, and don’t overlook the little things, either. Carrots are convenient and perfectly fine raw? OP! Release swarming bunnies to gobble them! That’ll show ya! Cobblestone is everywhere and useful for a lot of things! OP! Put in a bunch of other mineral types which can’t be used for anything and do nothing but wear out tools! You can just grow a tree anywhere? Let’s see you deal with five tree types clogging your inventory, wiseguy!

This has been accepted standard procedure for many years, incidentally, so don’t expect any sympathy the first time you dip a toe into Survival Easy (or Survival Normal/Hard, which, if I’m being brutally honest, probably amounts to the same) and get blasted 50 ways from Jupiter. Well, okay, I’ll sympathize, but that probably won’t help very much.

But if you can build with the speed and precision of a Rampart TAS, you should be okay.

Anyway… my advice is to explore the Nether in Peaceful with flying on, explore the place a bit, and decide is this is the kind place you want explore with no flying and no unlimited health and also lots of fire-shooting monstrosities roaming about.

You seem to be doing fine so far, though, so way to go. :+1:

I’m playing in normal mode (survival), and yeah, one witch killed me, and another didn’t because i managed to run away, but it was close. I haven’t run into the hunger zombies (husks) recently, but was killed by those back when i was playing on the shared square dance server.

And yeah, I’m expecting to die several times when i explore the nether. In fact, I’m busy crafting myself a second set of gear before i go so i don’t get too frustrated when i die repeatedly and lose all my stuff…

I have stacks and stacks of string, because i have a working spider farm (based on a spider spawner.) I dug an enormous pit, and they just drop to their death, leaving me piles of lovely string. Initially i just wanted it to make some scaffolding, because i tend to fall off ladders… Yeah, I’m not very good at this game. But then i discovered that villagers (specifically fletchers) will give me emerald for string, so i set up a fletcher outpost close to the spider farm. And the fletchers make iron golems in their spare time, which have been considerately walking into a floating block of lava and dropping iron for me.

But i need resources that can only be found in the nether. So i gotta do it. Wish me luck…

(I did start out in the mushroom fields. Which are a special biome where most monsters don’t spawn. I need to be careful about phantoms, and sometimes drowneds that spawn in the ocean come ashore and kill me. But it gave me a lot of extra breathing room to get started. Except for having no nearby source of sheep…)

Funny story about that iron farm. I had a problem with golems occasionally spawning too far away from the lava. And then the villagers stopped making new ones, and i had to kill the golem. (They have a gazillion hit points, and can kill me in one or two blows, but they aren’t very bright. If i stand up high i can shoot them with arrows and they just stand there looking at me while i do it. But it was a nuisance to have to keep restarting the farm.)

But then i got lazy, and instead of traveling between my base and the spider farm by boat, i built a portal through the nether. Not the real nether. It turns out there’s this completely safe space on the roof of the nether, that you can get to via what might be a bug. The roof of the nether is an awesome way to travel quickly from here to there.

Anyway, my son built me a two-tier portal, one to the real nether and the other to the roof. And I’ve been using the one to the roof…

So i built this portal right next to the fletcher outpost. And what do you know! When they create a golem that’s too far away to wander into the lava, it wanders into that portal. I have a growing collection of golems there. Also a llama and a wandering trader. It’s great! Now i don’t have to keep fixing my iron farm. At some point I’ll probably need to kill them, but right now I’m finding it kind of charming to see them roaming around.

(i should also figure out where the :face_with_symbols_over_mouth: those golems are spawning, and remove the blocks, or cover them with slabs or carpet or something. But it feels less urgent now.)

Hell nah. I play on hard. I want a challenge.

I don’t find it that hard to stay alive. I still get whacked every now and then when I’m not attentive but it doesn’t happen often.

My son says that peaceful is the hardest mode, and hard is the easiest, because you get more resources faster in “hard” mode.

I play in “normal” because I had a bad experience early on with zombies breaking through my door and killing me in the middle of the night. It was like a scene from a movie. And I’m clumsy, and find it easier to deal with a few monsters at a time than with lots. (Honestly, I’ve mostly avoided monsters. Lots of lights, lots of beds, lots of walls.) But I’m happy to have a working skeleton experience farm handy by to my enchanting room. And I’m happy to have my string farm for cash. Neither would work in peaceful mode.

(The iron farm would work fine in peaceful mode. One of my goals is to avoid torturing villagers.)

I don’t wait witches to show up! I head straight into the heart of their mucky swamps and murder them in their huts because I want to steal their cute little black kitties! Muwahahahahahaha! :smile:

You don’t need to confront the witch to steal her cat. I’m actually planning to take a black cat in the not-too-distant future to complete my set of cats.

How do you kill the witch, though? I’ve had pretty bad luck with witches. Sometimes they kill me, and sometimes i escape, but i haven’t killed one yet.

I try to stay out of potion-tossing range and shoot them with arrows. You just have to keep hitting them faster than they can drink their healing potions. When you complete your set of cats, you’ll get the crazy cat lady achievement!

Yup, that’s my goal!

I want to get the cat achievement, and the wanderlust achievement. (Visiting every biome.)

Minecraft came out in 2011, so I probably last played it in 2009 or 2010, when it was still in beta and you could buy it cheap as a “backer” type thing. The game is still going strong without me, so of course my eldest expressed interest in playing. My feat is that I was able to recover a 12 year old account by digging through old emails and using password recovery. Microsoft long since bought the property, but they’ll convert your Mojang account over.

Wow! I’m impressed. I had trouble converting my current, active account to Microsoft.

The single most useful find for me was a skeleton spawner that I used to build an XP farm— then I could build an altar and create OP gear to my hearts content.

The nether is much more fun if your gear allows you to swim in lava:)

I cheated and used chunkbase to find a skeleton spawner early on. I’m really sad that they never updated their dungeon finder to work with version 1.18

But i didn’t realize any gear allowed you to swim in lava.

You can change the drop-item key in the options.