So I finally got some Naga Jalokia late to plant?

After reading this thread I was compelled to try them. I looked everywhere but couldn’t find any already grown so I bought seeds. They arrived yesterday, it says on the package they’re very picky about temperature and take a long time to grow, for both of those reasons starting them out now in Wisconsin is out of the question. But, I want to grow them so bad I’m willing to get a small setup of grow lights and indoor greenery supplies to do this.

Will it work or is it too late this year?

If so, does anyone have any indoor gardening tips?

I missed the earlier thread.

I would be tempted to grow a pot of my own just for the experience.

I have grown a lot of peppers indoors. With something as hot as that you don’t need too many to have a permanent supply. Mine did really well with just window sunlight year round in Colorado, with one exception.

One place I lived was really cheap. The windows wern’t well insulated. When I moved in and took the pepper plants I just set them in the window and harvested as usual. But in the middle of winter they died, and I believe it was because the window radiated* too much cold to often and killed them. But if you can get good sunshine in a steady warm non-drafty room they are great, but they are very vulnerable to cold.
*Yeah I know cold doesn’t radiate, but it’s the easiest was to describe it.