So I gave my wife a Brazilian...

[sub](Ok, I now know no shame…)[/sub]

Ok, after months of domestic negotiations (which I’d rather not go into here), I finally gave my wife a Brazilian (yep, a creme wax hair removal done, uh, you know where…)

This did not go well.

What’s worse, some hair was left which will need to be removed later.

So, the IMHO part of this is: how do you minimize the unpleasantness of this procedure?[ul][li]Do different brands of wax make a difference? We used a microwave kit from some company called “GiGi”, FWIW.[]Should the muslin strips be cut into smaller pieces, or should the work be done in as few of pulls as possible?[]Besides benzocaine, what do you recommend for aftercare?Finally, I assume that this gets easier with repeated use. Am I right about this?[/ul][/li]Thanks for any help you folks can give.

Oh…ouch! And she still loves you?

Here goes again… I hope it doesn’t double post. I think the server ate my reply.

I use (appropriately named) Nad’s which requires no heating and washes off easily if put in the wrong place (a blessing when working in this area) I keep my strips long, because even if I’m only using a small area, it gives me more “grabbing” room, which usually means less pain, due to faster pulling.

I don’t do any aftercare. (never felt the need)

Take a look at a strip with freshly waxed pubic hair, and a strip with freshly waxed leg hair. You can see just by looking at the base of the hair shaft why this area (and underarms) is damn painful ! It took me about three or four waxes before the pain levels dropped sharply. What I did was to wax sections (usually two strips, or about a fifth or sixth of the whole pubic region) in each sitting. Trying to do the whole thing was too painful and I’d tense up anticipating pain. By only doing small amounts daily, until each area has had three or four waxes, I’m now able to do the whole lot in a session, with the same amount of discomfort generated from a band-aid. For however long it takes to get the whole thing done, the area will look pretty ragged and unattractive, but for me it was worth it.

Hope that helps :slight_smile:

Oh, and make sure you pull the area taut before ripping the strip off. Holding the skin taut has the same effect as pulling the strip very quickly : less pain.

Thanks, Goo, for all the information. I’m on a dialup right now, but as soon as I log off I’ll see if Nads is available in the U.S… It sounds like a lifesaver.

Nads is available in the US, at larger chain stores with pharmacy sections.

  • Waaay* TMI…
    I have used hot wax ever since I was in high school; though I have never done, er, a clean sweep down below…you definitely want to pull the skin taut (I’ve found that trimming down the hairs you want to remove helps, so you don’t have quite so much pulling). Always apply wax in the same direction as the growth, and pull against, and straight back, not up.
    It also helps to exfoliate the area beforehand (though obviously location is important when choosing how…), as dry skin adds to pain. My mother owns a salon, and she sometimes dusts on some baby powder before waxing.
    There is a lidocaine cream you can buy at beauty stores; it also helps to prevent ingrown hairs (a pesky problem in such areas).
    Again, I’ve never used Nads, but I like waxing because it definitely does get easier, one does not get ‘porcupine-y’, as I put it, you have markedly less hair over time, and you only have to do it once every month or two. Over time, it’s less painful, but I have to wax myself…having someone else do it seems to make the process more painful. I use a GiGi-like wax, too, but I have a home kit with six roll-on applicators in a heater…so it heats more evenly and thoroughly than a microwave…insufficiently-heated wax also adds to pain.
    Most salons have different kinds of wax; there is a green/blue sort which seems to be a bit gentler than the traditional yellow…anyway, such are my recommendations should she decide to try waxing again…brave woman either way!


Every time I try to do this to myself, I end up crying before I even get to the part where you rip out the hair - the anticipation of the pain is just too bad.

When I trudge to the professionals to do it, one of the selling points is that I don’t have to see them for awhile - so the hatred I feel for them after putting me through so much pain has time to go down.

Anyway, they tend to use larger strips and yes, over time, the follicles have gotten weaker so it’s easier to pull out. Exfoliating the day before is supposed to help - same with corn starch before the applying the wax. I’ve always suspected that large quantities of alcohol might help, but then I’d have to drive home…