So, I got a job...the OP could be long

I’m going to vent, sigh…

I resigned my last full time position back in November, 2017. Since then I’ve been living on savings, and some inheritance money; it’s been rough. I have also accepted some work with elections Canada, and our provincial liquor board over the Christmas holidays.

I resigned from my last job because management were morons basically. My mandate was to implement an ISO 9001 Quality Management System, but it became clear after a few months that management was not at all interested in implementing a QMS, but we’re being forced into one by a major customer.

They held weekly management meetings, to which I (the quality manager) was not invited.

I tried calling my own management review meeting (an ISO 9001 requirement) as s baseline, but it was cancelled by upper management because “we weren’t ready.”

I suggested we initiate the program with training, awareness and competency, only to be informed that HR would not be involved.

I discovered a non-conformance log on a shared drive, that me, the QA manager was never made aware of.

This company lost the contract a year after I resigned due to management incompetence. No surprise.

So, fast forward to today. I sent a really nice email a week ago as to why I wanted to work for this company. They are tackling COVID!

They hired me as an overnight QC Inspector. Well below my pay grade, but I don’t give a shit. I’m back in the saddle, and all implications point to a full time job.

I’m chuffed. And drinking.

Congrats, Leaffan. Important work.

Yes! And that’s how I sold myself. I want to feel like I’m helping in this crisis. I truly do. And I will!

And suddenly my life takes on a tiny new meaning.

Congratulations, Leaffan! And though I don’t think you’ll need it, I’ll say it anyway: good luck in the new job!

Congrats, go leafs go!

This is wonderful! I’m happy you found something that makes you happy. Congratulations.

That is the best news I’ve heard all bloody day mate! Congrats. :slight_smile:


Congrats and good luck! It may be well below your pay grade for now, but there are a lot more opportunities to impress them once you’ve got your foot in the door. Hope it works out well for you!

Way to go Leaffy!

WOOHOO!!! Go get 'em!!

I hope it will be even better than you have pictured. Congratulations.

Congrats Leaffan and best of luck.

You did the right thing leaving, if you had tried to stay then you’d have been dismissed when the company lost the contract and that would have been on your employment record.

Had my fill of Quality Improvement Groups (QIGs) that were simply used to promote the careers of individuals without any regard to the actual outcome, just turned into a box ticking committee - turns out that education and training for offenders is not as important as I had first thought.

Congrats–even if you are a Leafs fan. Go Habs!

Good news! Hope you have fun in the new job.

I got a work package to sign today, complete with a benefits form. This is a full time job, not a short-term contract.


(Opens another beer)