So I have a dog. Now what? (a bit long)

A few days ago The Highwayman returned home from work requesting my help with an item in the car. Item turned out to be a gorgeous Siberian Husky (she appears to be purebred) that he found wandering out in the desert by a very busy street. She was nearly hit by a car before he grabbed her. We put up fliers and etc. but have received no calls, so we decided she’s ours. We’ve pretty much fallen for this dog. There’s a hitch, of course.

That being our three cats. Miss Bitey has been around dogs in a limited fashion - she grew up with my in-laws’ Chihuahua. The other two cats are somewhat ambivalent towards the Chihuahua but sometimes give him a sniff or two and then decide he’s uninteresting. I fear though that a Husky will be a bit much for these three.

So far she’s been kept in the other house (we rent a small guest house from the in-laws) and is getting along swimmingly with the Chihuahua and my in-laws’ female Dalmatian. I took her out for a walk yesterday and she did bolt at a cat in the neighborhood, although a firm “no” and a slight tug on her leash brought her back to heel. She also plain bolted when I let go of her collar for all of two nanoseconds, leaving me to run down the dirt road wearing my flipflops.

Research into the breed has shown to me that a natural prey instinct and wanderlust/running instinct is inherent to the breed. I can deal with the last item; it’s the first I’m worried about. Is there any way to bring Nika (yes we already named her, the die is cast) into my house and become packmates with my cats?

Obviously if this can’t be done I’ll have to find her another home (or she can stay where she is - my MiL seems to be very fond of her already) but I’d really like to have an integrated pack/pride, as it were.

Any advice is greatly appreciated and I thank contributors in advance.

P.S. this is the first dog I’ve had in my adult life, so I’m a little clueless in general.

First, post pictures.

Then I would suggest introducing the kitties and Nika by bringing them near each other but with a physical barrier between them. Let them sniff each other out while ensuring they won’t fight and then decided what to do from their reaction to each other.

Hmm need to get my camera up and going before I can post piccies but I will ASAP (she has the most gorgeous glacier blue eyes and positively stunning markings!) I had read that when introducing a dog to the home of cats (it IS their house - I just pay the rent in their stead ;)) to keep doggie crated and let the cats check it out. Some of my concerns though were specific to the breed; Huskies seem to have a bad reputation for being cat killers. I want this to work so badly but I don’t want to be too optimistic, either.

I’d just introduce her to the cats slowly and see how she reacts. We had a wonderful Husky for years (had to eventually put him down :frowning: ). He definitely had the running instinct. If we didn’t watch him when the door was opened he’d bolt, and we’d spend lots of time and energy chasing him down. He was great with cats and small dogs though. Mostly just layed around and let them check him out, sometimes gave them a sniff, but that was about it. It was kinda cute because the cat or small dog around at the time (family sometimes brought their pets over) would eventually get so bold that they’d jump on him, and he’d just look at them like “do you SEE how much bigger I am than you?” He’d just walk away, or let them play and amuse themselves for a while. So there is hope. Hopefully your new Husky will be the same way with the little ones. Good luck. And post pics when you get a chance, Huskies are so beautiful. :smiley:

So, Sausage, give us an update. How have your dog and cats been coping with each other? Well, I hope. And where are the pictures?!