So I have prostate cancer

No. They put it in with needles. Lots of sharp, pointy needles.

I have my orientation with my Oncologist today. I will start radiation treatments tomorrow and they will continue five days a week until mid September

May the force be with you :fist_right:t3::fist_left:t3:.

Best of luck! I had surgery so a very different experience, but the common factor is that it sucks when you’re looking at it from the beginning of a long process, whether it’s recovery from surgery or ongoing treatments. But the time passes, and pretty soon it’s in the rearview mirror.

Hang in there, we’ll all be thinking of you.

Hear hear. Godspeed.

Best of luck to you. I was very much on the fence deciding between surgery and radiation before deciding on the knife. So far, I’m happy with my decision. If you don’t mind updating us from time to time, I’d be curious to hear about your progress and side effects. Statistically speaking, I’m probably looking at salvage radiation at some point down the road.

Thank you all for your support. I really did not want to treat this surgically so I have been all in for radiation. I will be there for treatment at 0700 five days a week until mid September.