So I have to pay extra to park in a space I'm already paying for?

If the $20 is a one-time charge, rather than an additional $20/month for the duration of your lease, it’s worth asking yourself whether it’s going to cost you more than $20 in aggravation to fight this one.

It’s worth looking at the lease, no matter what, just to see who’s on more solid ground. But even if it’s you, they still might tell you, “screw you, this is the way we’re doing things,” even after you show them the language of the lease that proves you’re in the right. And then what?

You’re the one who has to decide how much hassle this is worth. But unless you’ve got unlimited time to deal with this, it’s worth looking at it from that angle.

You have to pay $20 for a benefit you’re already paying for? That sucks!

Your home parking club offers guest memberships for only a one-time $20 fee? That ROCKS!

There are about 240 apartments in a 10-building complex. There are about 5 reserved parking spots for every 20 “free” parking spots. I am renting one specific spot, meaning that I can’t use the parking pass to park in just any reserved spot.

I don’t think that the new parking passes will alleviate the problem of people parking in reserved spots which are not their own. Everyone who lives in the complex knows that they aren’t allowed to park in a reserved spot which is not theirs – but it’s the guests and other random people that come to the complex that are parking in the reserved spaces (probably because they don’t realize they aren’t allowed to park there). The managers insist that it’s the responsibility of the tenants to inform their guests about the parking policies, but who’s gonna tell UPS drivers and delivery people? My suggested solution is that management post signage explaining the parking policies, so that anyone entering the parking area will be forearmed with the knowledge of where they can and can not park. Right now, there is no such signage anywhere on the property. It’s koo-koo! Madness, I tells ya!

So here are a few of my options:

- Make an illegal copy of the pass. I haven’t seen the passes yet, so I don’t know how easy it would be to make a reasonable facsimile of one. It’s definitely an option. My husband has mad Photoshop skills. I like this option a lot.

***- Pay the $20. ***Ah, I wish I could go along with this. But I don’t think that what they are doing is fair, and I’m a big fan of being treated fairly. If I just went along with it without making a peep, the managers might never know that someone was unhappy with the situation. I feel that I owe it to myself to make an effort to right this perceived wrong. I may not win, but at least I will be able to say I tried.

- Offer to put down $20 as a deposit on the pass. I like this option too. I doubt they’d go for it, because they simply don’t have to. But it’s worth suggesting.

why do you feel the copy would be illegal?

Oh, also, this would be absolute news to me to learn that UPS and Fed Ex drivers parked in parking spots…

Thirdly. Why not take some of that photoshop creative energy and make your own sign if your landlord won’t do it?

Regarding your previous post – perhaps the word “illegal” wasn’t the right choice. No, the police won’t arrest me if I make a fake pass. But it would be fake, and if the apartment managers discovered it was fake, there would likely be trouble. Either way, a forged pass would not be legitimate. Of course, I simply have to decide if I’m willing to risk getting in trouble if the fake pass was ever discovered.

I don’t know how to respond to your comment about UPS and FedEx drivers parking in parking spots. I’ve seen them parked in parking spots.

I’ve offered to make my own sign and post it in front of my parking space, but they’ve asked me not to do that. But even if I did, it wouldn’t alleviate the problems of me having to use the parking pass and pay extra for an additional pass.

why do you feel the pass would be illegitimate? just based on the way you’ve described it, it seems as if the passes are some hasty accommodation to spot-renters just to shut y’all up and make it seem as if they’re doing something about the parking situation.

i’m just trying to figure out what you feel would be illegitimate about it? do you think it’s illegitimate if you swapped the tags from one car to another? or are they saying that only the one specific car can be parked in that spot?

(as for pts 2 and 3 those were merely just add on thoughts. but the fed ex thing does surprise me.)

Hm. It seems like I’m spending more time explaining myself to you, Rumor, than I am spending on actually solving this problem. Lucky for you, I like talking about myself.

They will give me one pass for free. I am allowed to swap that one pass out between my car and my husband’s car. If I want an additional pass, there is a $20 charge. I personally think there should be no extra charge, as it probably just a piece of plastic. However, if I created my own version of their official parking pass, it is by definition a forgery and is therefore illegitimate.

If you still question why I would call a forged pass illigitimate, perhaps you can explain why you would not consider it so.

What seems to you like no trouble at all probably seems to them like:

  • make note that Apt. XXX (the residence of smaje and Mr. Smaje) has two passes
  • document which pass numbers Apt. XXX has
  • update spreadsheet of passes
  • print up another pass if they’re paper or give out one of the extra passes that was ordered if they are plastic (which possibly increased the cost of the printing order)
  • make sure both passes are retrieved from Apt. XXX when you move out

In my long years of working in offices people seem to take for granted that everything that is done in an office is no trouble; the truth is that every single little thing that is done in an office is a task for SOMEBODY, and it all costs money. Could they have eaten the cost and hassle for all the extra passes people want (and I am pretty sure you won’t be the only ones with this request)? Sure. I can understand why they might choose not to, though. One reason they might not want to eat the cost and hassle is simply to discourage people from getting multiple passes. You and your husband will, of course, be good with two passes, but there are people in the world who will take advantage of that and take two spots and pay for one (I know, shocking!). Frankly, if it were up to me, I wouldn’t give anyone two passes just because of possible abuses.

Understood that my request would possibly be a hassle for them - but I am only allowed to park in the one specific reserved parking space I’ve been assigned. Even if they gave me 90 parking passes, I could only have one car in the space at a time. They really shouldn’t care which car is in that space. And obviously they don’t, since they told me just to switch the pass out between my car and my husband’s.

because you’re not obtaining any benefit from the duplicate pass. you’re not doing anything that you’re not allowed to do.

The problem with forged passes arises when some yahoo forges up a batch of them and passes them out to his friends at work, along with invites to his Memorial Day BBQ.

'course, the OP will pinkie swear not to do anything of the sort with her forged pass, so it’s all good (I’m not accusing you, smaje1; just pointing out to Rumor how home-made passes might legitimately be considered a problem).

I’m not denying that forged passes can be a problem. But it isn’t in this case, and there’s not much the landlord can do about it if you do make a duplicate - you’ve already obtained the property interest when they are imposing their new “rules”. So, in short, they’re allowed to add the requirement that a second pass costs money, but you’re free to ignore it (IMO).

My apartment complex has parking for residents only, unassigned spots. Parking and the first permit for each car is free, but if you lose your permit it’s $100 to replace it.

Their explanation was that we are 2 blocks from a major Metro station and people were pretending to “lose” their free permits while really selling it to commuters to park in the lot during the day, then going to the leasing office for a replacement. Is it possible that something like this might be behind their policy? It sucks to know that if something happens to my permit it’ll be $100 to replace it, but I understand their reasoning.

Well, see, now, here’s the problem.

I have in the course of my life dealt with people in almost every conceivable occupation and walk of life. I have worked with presidents of major corporations, managers, doctors, engineers, machinists, truck drivers, entrepreneurs, temp agency workers, soldiers, hairdressers, actors, writers, welders, furniture salespeople, psychologists, car dealers, farmers, politicians and cops. I’ve worked with them all, and I can tell you this: there is no job on this earth, none, occupied by more stupid people than apartment building managers. Apartment building management is a job taken by people who’re too stupid to be on unemployment.

Do not bothing trying to reason with them, explain logic to them, or appeal to their sense of decency or fairness. You might as well be arguing with the parking space itself.

Hmm, from what you’ve described, it sounds like they’re committed to “one space, one pass,” and it’s simply policy. You can be mad if you like, but you’ll basically be “fighting city hall” if you refuse to pay for the second pass. I don’t really see it from your perspective, that you’re being charged extra for something you’re already paying for; if they charged for the first pass, then I’d agree with you.