So, I Ran Into A Former Coworker From AMM Today

He got fired shortly before I did. I never mentioned him in any of my rants because he was one of the guys who actually knew what the hell to do. According to him, they’ve filed for Chapter 7! :smiley: I don’t have any more info, but I’ve emailed the Mold Maker to see if he can fill me in on the details.

Excellent! And you thought you wouldn’t get any good birthday presents! :wink:

I figured trying to pass of substandard parts to Honda would catch up with them before long.

“Yes, Virginia, there IS a Santa Claus.”

It’s always nice to see when the evil bastard’s chickens come home to roost on their own petards. Or something like that.

Well, at least Tuckerfan can take solace in the fact that that’s all water over the bridge after the barn door is stolen. :slight_smile:

I heard from the Mold Maker, and it’s all true. He says they’ve been losing customers like crazy all of a sudden and he fully expects the place to be closed down in a few months. :smiley: