So I rolled my car today...

I’m so glad you are ok, and I’m sorry about the stress you had to go through. I’ve never been in a serious accident but I’ve known a few people who were and it takes a while to get over it for some folks. Hope everything works out for you!

Glad you’re okay! Umm, congrats on the weight loss too? :slight_smile:

Thanks everyone for your kind words. I have learned a lot of tough lessons this year but I think I am the better for it.

Eeep! Dude, thank goodness you’re ok. That’s just terrifying!

(I noticed you’re looking for a newer-used car in another thread, so I take it you’re pretty sure it’s done for? :frowning: )

I could be wrong…but it has 220000KM on it. So I think it’s done.

220K? It gave you a grand farwell.

I wasn’t driving ridiculously and no one was hurt…yet I feel some guilt. Like I could have killed someone. Maybe I shouldn’t be commuting for moral reasons more than economic reasons. Right now I’m wishing I had made different decisions with my life…I’m sure I’ll get over it soon.

Even with all of the safety advances of modern cars, my understanding is that rollovers still tend to be injurious events; every now and then an SUV model ends up in the news as crash researchers discover it’s unusually prone to rollovers.

Quasi, glad you weren’t hurt. The destruction of your car will complicate your life for a little while, but things could easily have been much, much worse.

Just a couple weeks ago a guy here somehow managed to get a Ford F250 over the guard rail on an overpass and ended up landing roof-down on the street below. Walked away with nothing more than bruises. I’ll stick with “The modern automobile is an amazing thing.”

I’m glad your son is OK. On the other hand, it’s stories like this that lead to people not wearing their seat belts - and 99% of the time you are better off not being thrown from the car.

I see what you did there.

Glad you’re OK, Quasi.