So I wanna be a DJ...

So whats your advice? I’m thinking of buying a starter package for CD mixing as opposed to vinyl. Because I want to spin EBM/Darkwave/Trance and buying my CD collection again in vinyl will cost me a fortune.

Whats the downside of going CD versus vinyl these days? I’ve heard that the technology is at the point now that the only difference between CD and Vinyl is aesthetic.

Also, considering this is bit of a pipe dream, how hard can I expect it to be? Not getting gigs and such, but the actual mixing and playing of tracks.

Call me naive, but what more is there to it than picking a play list and then running them together?

Be brutal, I need it.

You have to be able to match beats, which is hard to do sometimes (on vinyl it was I found).

Mixing stuff at home and then playing a playlist would be simpler for you. If you’re gonna do it live (matching beats), you’re gonna needs some practice.

Yeah, mix it at home - that way you can take all the time in the world to match tempos and BPM’s. If you plan on doing EBM/darkwave stuff, I recommend you look up the DJ set cd’s by a guy named DJ Hellraver. A friend picked one of his mixes up for me and I was very impressed. Each one is about 75 minutes long, very upbeat, and does a good mix of more well-known tracks in the scene and some lesser known tracks that I hadn’t heard before.