So I was checking my User Control Panel and I notice I have an infraction

I’m sure others can see it. Shouldn’t it go away by now? I mean, the whole thing was obviously a joke on Colibri’s part, given that I was clearly referring to (and therefore ‘insulting’) myself. Isn’t it time for the humor to have been fully mined from this one?

Have you IMed the mods about this?

Only you and the mods can see it.

On review of the thread, I see that I evidently misinterpreted your remark. It looked to me like it was directed at HeyHomie (since it didn’t make much sense for you to be insulting yourself). I didn’t see your subsequent post saying it was a joke on yourself. I’ll reverse the warning.

I’m surprised that you weren’t aware of the warning until now, since I posted it in the thread. It would have been better to have contacted me by email (fastest way) or PM in order to insure I saw your explanation. (Also, if you’re joking it’s best to make the joke a bit clearer.)

ETA: As runnerpat says, only you and the moderators can see your infractions in your profile.

Of course I saw it. I was just convinced it was a joke until now. Why would I email you over a dumb joke?

Your response in the thread didn’t indicate you thought I was joking. As I said, it wasn’t clear that your previous post was directed at yourself, since you had already complained about the “Sent from” tag in HeyHomie’s posts. It looked like you might be annoyed at him for not bothering to fix it.