So I was cyber-stalking the other day....

For the past few years I have tried with limited success, to see what old friends from 10-20 years ago are doing. Now with all the classmates, myspace & facebook dot coms out there it has been easier than ever to find them, and with our local supreme court online, a lot of details too. I have not contacted any of them yet because I thought it would be fun to make a type of online game out of it. Maybe a Guess Who/20 Questions/Clue type of game.

Maybe I could start out with a blank facebook page & make a form letter/email to invite them as friends letting them know that they all have something/someone in common (as some don’t know each other) & get them talking to each other to try & figure out who this is. If done as a 20 question scenario, maybe I could post an image/hint with each answer I provide. But with an incorrect guess I could maybe drag out a skeleton from the closet of the incorrect guesser & post it instead. Just to make it interesting. (bwaahahaha) Not even necessarily a skeleton, maybe just something I found online about them that they didn’t know somebody 10 or 20 years ago knew about. (Current spouses’ middle name) stuff like that, that would throw them off the trail & make them think it was someone closer to them.

I also was thinking about setting them all up a facebook account (separate from the ones they already have) with names like professor plum, miss scarlet etc… Complete with a new email account & clues in there bio page, & go ahead & establish them as friends with each other.

I figured I would have a dinner party for them when they figured it out, or if they didn’t maybe invite them to a Who Done It/Clue type party, where during the course of the evening the host would be revealed, maybe a costume party?

I was fairly close to these friends in the past, & some (but not all) shared the same creative if not warped sense of humor I have. I only have one shot at this so what I was wondering is:

1: Any ideas/suggestions on how the game should be played?
2: How much if any information can they find out from a generic free email account?
(If one of them is geeky enough to track down an IP address how hard would it be for them to associate that to mystery person & the game be over.)
3: And most importantly does this sound like fun or is it just plain creepy?

Thanks in advance for any & all input you might have.

I think the best way to implement this would be on some sort of forum. (Google for a free one.) And, in order to make it not creepy, you need to explain the consequences of a bad guess, and give them ample opportunity to opt out. Posting the middle name of someone’s spouse may not be kosher, especially after they find out who you are. You don’t want them thinking you’ve actually been cyberstalking them. You just happened to see some old friends’ profile on Facebook, and thought it would be fun to make them guess who you are.

I’d stay away from giving them new email addresses. With a forum, they can sign up on their own, or you can give them the passwords to their accounts via the Facebook messaging tool. You’ll only need one fake account, which is a good thing, since they frown on those.

thanks for the forum idea I will look into it also

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