So I went to Gettysburgh this weekend...

My parents got “40 free nights” at an “RV resort” when they bought their new camper (a Gearbox toyhauler) so they invited me to Gettysburg with them. Gettysburg was nice. Saturday we went to 3 museums and me and my mom took a winery tour. It was alot of fun.

Coming home however was a completely different story. Twenty-four miles south of Harrisburg the turbo something (it did something with coolant) blew. He tried to fix it with some tractor restraints but it didn’t work and we ended up stuck one foot off the highway in the emergency stop lane. Dad called Ford’s roadside “assistance”, Here’s where the fun began. Ford would send someone to tow the truck, but not the trailer. They expected my father to abandon a brand new 30ft trailer less than a foot of a busy highway! Oh and they’d need to tow it to a dealership in West Virginia :eek: . My dad called my brother and a few of his friends to see who could come down with a truck capable of towing the camper. Now waiting by the side of the road for hours wouldn’t have been that bad except; it was in the 90s out and humid, we couldn’t go in the camper and turn the AC on in case someone crashed into the camper; we had no water in the tanks; and only 1 bottle of water and some sodas.

After 2 hours we were able to find out that there was a gas station less than a mile up the road. Dad decided to try and make it there so we’d be off the road. The “gas station” turned out to be an auto-dealer (closed of course). We spent 4 hours parked there, but at least we could go inside. Being Sunday all he could get was an answering maching so we were technically tresspassing. Half-way to Harrisburg my dad’s friend got a flat tire and didn’t have a spare. So we ended up abandoning the camper in a parking lot hoping the owner didn’t mind and driving home in the truck (it ran better without the trailer) hoping it didn’t break down.