So , I Wrote a Note to the King

We don’t do Danish here anymore since that cartoon thing. Maybe I could get some bagels with lox?

eight months work with no pay? Huh?
I can justify your waiting 2 months-- if its a temporary delay and the salary is high enough that it’s worth waiting for, and you are sure that you will eventually receive it.

But who works for 8 months straight with no pay? It sounds like the company has no intention of paying, ever. That’s slavery.

Yep, in many cultures, not paying someone for eight months is considered wrong.

For this OP, we really need a “bowing” emoticon. Not for bowing to the King, but for the guts of Paul. Kudos, dude. :cool:

Keep us posted.

Paul in Saudi wins the “Comic Understatement of the Year” award.

So, Paul in Saudi, you’ll be having breakfast with the King? :smiley:

When you get your audience with him excllaim in a loud voice:

“THIS is Abbdullah?! I was expected Absullah the butcher, the wrestler from the 70’s!”

't be surprised if you get back a signed picture and a form letter saying:

"Dear Paul,

Thank you for the letter. It is always a great thrill to hear from my fans. As you must realize, I get thousads of letters from my fans every week with special requests. It is unfortunate that I am unable to answer each one individually and am unable to fufill every request. But I do sincerely appreciate each and every letter I get and I do try to read each one personally. Enclosed please find an autographed 8x10 photo of me.

You Are Humbly Mine,

King Abdullah"

Not trying to make light of your situation, god luck resolving it.

You can meet him, and eat at his restaurant, which is located in Atlanta, GA. Think he does ribs and chinese food. I plan to go there sometime…

After two weeks, I have no reply, so I drove over to the Palace. I just got back.

I went over to the royal palace this evening to see the King. I had been told tonight was the public audience.

Drove up and the young corporal had me park. I got out and explained to him what I wanted. He called his boss and told me to go inside to see the Captain.

I had a chance to say hello to the young royal guards. They seemed a cut or two above the usual trooper. They wore gray-green uniforms with zippered vertical slit pockets. Looked German. They carried German-looking 9mm SMGs, made of polymer, boxy looking with a plastic magazine mounted on the top. Through the smoked plastic I could see the rounds.

I went in to see the Captain, who turned out to be a very impressive specimen of a colonel. We had tea with mint. We ate dates. He told me to come back tomorrow. So I will.

I had been misinformed about the public audience.

I thought you would like to know.

I’d just been wondering if you’d heard anything. Too bad you didn’t get an immediate audience. Do you think there’s a hope that tomorrow is more than tea and dates?


I only have second-hand experience with Saudi culture, but I always thought that “come back tomorrow” was sort of like “I can’t fix it, but I have a cousin who knows someone”. A polite way of saying “I hate to tell you no.”

I can’t wait for further updates on this matter.

How fascinating that you can just have a meeting with a king and all that jazz.

Woo Hoo, high fashion penetrates the magazine world!
Do the call them iClips? :smiley:

Breakfast with the King

I hate to be a pessimist, but “Come back tomorrow” could mean “Today is the day to audience with the King, but there’s no way in hell we’re letting you in. Come back tomorrow when we can arrest you with fewer witnesses.”

Man, I am **so ** bookmarking this thread!

Would tomorrow with the colonel be considered a ‘second date’? :smiley:

BOO! :slight_smile:

Hey, the company I work for just got a contract to do some work for King Abdullah. Tell him Revtim from South Florida says “Whazzup Dullahmeister!”

Actually, it was only his chief of security who visited us, and I didn’t even meet him. And of course I’m not known as Revtim in my workplace.

Maybe don’t even mention me, that might be best.

Hmmm… considering that in Saudi, just about any native entity that does any sort of serious business has as one of its principals a relative or in-law of the al-Sauds, this is either exactly the way to get action, or guaranteed to help none. Much success to you, Paul.

Oh, and…

Sounds more like a P90.