So I'm about to watch A Clockwork Orange.

I hear it’s pretty twisted… but I’m going to watch it (alone) anyway! Any suggestions before I sit down with my glass of iced tea and a blankey?

Make it a Long Island Iced Tea!!

I’d recommend a large amount of whiskey personally.

A large glass of milk.

Awww…c’mon. Watching it alone?

That’s definitely a first date movie.

And last date.

Yeah. Before the date make sure you start crooning “Singing in the Rain.” The chicks love it.

Milk. With some Ultra Violence. (A White Russian, I guess…)

Come on, me droges!

uh, don’t?

IMO, it’s about the most useless strip of celluloid I’ve ever had the pleasure to watch. Unless it’s anything else by Kubrick.


If ya’ve got any yarbles you’ll watch it.

Bonus fact: the actor who plays the writer’s assistant towards the end of the movie is David Prowse who provided the body for Darth Vader in the original trilogy.

Don’t be surprised if you say, “huh?”

I saw it once, and I liked it, but I wasn’t at all sure what to think about it right away.

Yes, definitely, a tall, cool glass of milk is a must. :slight_smile:

Perhaps some milk plus?

Sit back, relax, and enjoy the flick. I’ve seen it many times and it just keeps getting better. In fact, the video store is just down the block…

Great movie. It helps if you can mentally project yourself back to 1971. If you weren’t born yet, screw you for being younger than I am. Enjoy!

Would you believe I actually saw this movie for the first time, many many years ago, on a date? It was a midnight movie. And the guy fell asleep, leaving me to watch it all alone.

Eh. Movie didn’t grab me all that much (although my girlfriend, whom I was watching it with, did… often… :D). The vast majority of the movie is given over the “stylism”, while the actual content of the movie can be condensed down to the size of an episode of Friends. Interesting, but… well… I’ve seen better.

Well, I was 10 in 1971, so I didn’t see it on its first release, although I did read the Mad magazine parody of it at the time. I did, however, see it for the first time in a theatre (the Vogue Theatre, a now-closed revival house in Louisville, KY, where I saw my very first foreign film, La Cage Aux Folles, plus The Exorcist, Zardoz, Seven Samurai, and Night of the Living Dead, and where I spent many, many happy midnights watching The Rocky Horror Picture Show in the late 70s when it was still a cult film.)

To this day, I cannot listen to the fourth movement of Beethoven’s Ninth (the Ode to Joy) without saying after the conclusion, “I was cured all right.”

Okay, I feel like an idiot. What was happening at the end? Did he realize that he wasn’t feeling sick when listening to the 9th? Heck, I don’t even know if that was the 9th!

Gobear you might be mildly interested in knowing, then, that I rented A Clockwork Orange at The Uptown, a theater similar to The Vogue, back in the early days of video rental, for my first viewing of the film. They had a bunch of videos right there in the lobby. Pick one up on your way out! And my first Rocky Horror was at The Vogue in 1981. </memory lane> :slight_smile:

More to the point of the OP, though – I did definitely go “huh” the first time I saw it, and with the “magic” of VCRs, I could watch it again. And we did. Two back-to-back showings. I’ve seen it probably four or five times since then. It’s a very violent film, yes, and unlike Ruby I love all of Kubrick’s films – those I’ve seen. (I was just perusing his filmography and I’m not familiar with Barry Lyndon or anything before Spartacus.)

Well, maybe not 2001. That one still’s a yawner for me, sorry to say. But I can appreciate it without liking it, if you follow me.

Rent Barry Lyndon and Paths of Glory

Actually, Kubrick disliked Spartacus because he did not have final cut on the picture and he felt that he had been treated badly by the studio and by Kirk Douglas. Besides Paths of Glory, you should rent The Killing, the movie that made Kubrick’s reputation.